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5 Fashion Looks for Summer

Warm days are here again! We’re looking forward to lots of sunshine and fun summer activities like picnics, beach days and barbecues. Our new summer collection has something for everyone and every occasion! Here we are sharing our Top 5 Fashion Looks for the Summer that are trendy, fun and stylish!

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Don’t Let the Summer Heat Burn You Up

Would it be fair to say, that most of us are never entirely happy with the weather?  Particularly during the summer when the temperatures soar, wouldn’t it be nice if Mother Nature threw in a couple cooler days?  Since we don’t have a direct line to Mother Nature and we can’t make any direct requests, here are a few tips to help you stay cool and beat the heat.
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Summer Break is Here!


Summer break has started and with the start of summer break comes the dreaded “there is nothing to do; I am bored.” Most parents struggle with finding activities that are not only stimulating mentally and physically, but will keep the kids busy for a considerable amount of time. Coming up and creating a list of activities you’d like to do with your kids this summer is a great way to start your summer break and to save you time and frustration. Continue reading Summer Break is Here!