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5 Affordable Front Porch and Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Fall 2017


The front porch is a great space for fall decorations, which is why we are giving you 5 affordable, fall, front porch decorating ideas on how to create a fall-inspired, front porch that will look visually stunning.  Fall is a gorgeous season full of the sights, smells and tastes of autumn.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to use your decorating skills this fall.

Your front porch is the perfect place for welcoming in the many joys the fall season brings. From the visual masterpiece of changing leaves, to the inviting smells of pumpkin pie baking and scrumptious flavors of freshly harvested foods, autumn is a gorgeous season to celebrate. Use your decorating skills and passions inspired by fall with these 5 affordable front porch decorating ideas.

5. Sensational Lighted Faux Maple Tree With Fall-Colored Leaves









The lighted maple trees are number five on our countdown list of 5 affordable front porch and outdoor decorating ideas for fall because they make beautiful decorations and they remind us of their iconic wide and colorful leaves, as well as their ability to produce fresh maple syrup best used on fall morning pancakes.

Unlike real trees outside that lose their leaves, these decorative, lighted maple trees won’t be blown away by the wind and will last the entire fall season. These warm and inviting maple trees make for a wonderful fall porch decoration and you can use one, two or more. The LED lights project a lovely sparkling effect against the harvest gold and red leaves, and makes for an eye-catching fall display.

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DIY: Bring Your Kitchen and Bathroom Back to Life with New Flooring

High traffic areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, tend to experience more wear and tear when it comes to flooring. Old flooring can start looking scuffed and discolored as it ages. Styles also change over time, meaning outdated design choices can date your kitchen and bathroom more than you’d like now. To bring back the original shine, and get a more modern look, it takes more than just another polish. You’ll need to replace the flooring.

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5 Amazingly AFFORDABLE Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

Moose! And Wolves! And Bears! Oh my! Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you have a passion for hunting, fishing, and hiking? Do you yearn to explore the wilderness of the Great American West? Or maybe you simply enjoy adding some rustic, woodland flair to your home. You can achieve the look of a Northwoods lodge in your very own home and you can do it without breaking the bank. Here are five affordable log cabin decorating ideas for adding nature-inspired style to your home.

Log Cabin Decorating Idea #1: Wall Decor

If you want to give your home that log cabin feel, the walls are a good place to start. The 3D Eagle Sculpted Wall Shelf is a popular item that makes an impressive addition to a cabin-themed room.  If you are looking for rustic, bear decor the Northwoods Walking Bears Metal Wall Art is an excellent choice, featuring a mother bear and her cub walking through a pine forest.

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How to Create a Welcoming Table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner and enjoying time with your family and indulging in good food are likely on your menu.  You can bring the whole Thanksgiving experience together by setting a beautiful and stylish table that will include the stunning colors of fall.

Try a simple but inviting look for your table by combining a beautiful embroidered autumn leaf table runner. The beautiful beige runner with burgundy and gold leaves and berries is an invitation to sit down and share a meal. A pair of decorative autumn leave flameless candles  and a Thanksgiving turkey candle holder with acrylic beads that sparkle will give a lovely glow to your table. This idea is simple, but it exudes warmth and charm.

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TRANSFORM Your Home into an Enchanting Seaside Cottage

Imagine the sound of the ocean waves as they lap against the beach, the scent of the ocean and how invigorating it smells; then imagine how your toes feel when they sink into the sand.  While we can’t all live near the beach in a quaint, seaside cottage; we can still bring that feeling into our own homes.  Whether you use charming knick-knacks, wall décor, bedroom and bathroom accessories or something else, let us show you how you can change a home into an enchanting seaside cottage retreat.

To set the stage for a seaside cottage retreat, we found that cool, coastal colors work best.  We came up with a few popular color palettes that would work well to create that beachside feeling.

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Nautical Decorating Ideas for the Living Room, Bedroom and More!

If you’ve ever wondered if you could pull together a nautical decorating theme in your home, have no fear; you’ll find lots of ideas here!  We’ll give you plenty of suggestions and show you how to use nautical accessories to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

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How to Hang Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Wrought iron can be a tasteful addition to your interior decorating. The intricate patterns often found in wrought iron wall art can add a sophisticated look to your living space. If you are searching for lightweight, easy-to-hang wrought iron wall decor, Collections Etc. is the place to find a great selection. However, sometimes these eye-catching metal pieces can be heavier and a bit more challenging to hang. Let’s examine the proper ways to hang wrought iron wall decor without damaging your wall or causing injury to yourself.

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French Country Style and Primitive Americana Style Decor

Country Style decorating is creating an inviting space that is comfortable, casual and charming.  It is sometimes referred to as “imperfect” decorating because it looks like everything blends naturally together, although everything is not “matchy-matchy”.  With Country Style décor, you’ll look for items that are cozy and comfortable, such as vintage-inspired accessories and fabrics.

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Stylish and Affordable Protective Furniture Covers

We know you probably aren’t entirely excited about hearing the benefits of using furniture covers.  We understand that no one starts off a conversation with, “Hey, what kind of furniture covers do you use?”  However, take a minute to envision your favorite four legged animal jumping onto your furniture after running around in the yard.  Maybe one of your kids spills their drink onto your new sofa.  Even well-meaning friends and family can unintentionally damage your furniture.

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6 Inspired Tablescape Ideas for Thanksgiving

This holiday season, why not try something a little different?  Instead of having a lovely, traditional centerpiece in the middle of your table, how about creating a beautiful and charming tablescape?  If you’re wondering what the word “tablescape” means, it’s finding an assortment of odds and ends, plus other items you can find from around your house and using these items to decorate your dining table.  Adding fresh greenery, different shaped leaves, votives and vases and staggering items at different heights will help give balance and symmetry to your Thanksgiving tablescape.

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