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Find great gift ideas for every occasion. Find the perfect valentine’s day gift or solve your last minute Christmas shopping scare with our unique and creative gift ideas.

Charming Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

Every second Sunday in May, we recognize Mother’s Day as a way to honor the positive contributions of all mothers.  The founder of the Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, began to actively campaign to make Mother’s Day an official U.S. Holiday after her mother passed away.  It was at her mother’s memorial service that she handed out carnations, her mother’s favorite flower, to all those who attended.  In the years to come, the original white carnations that were associated with Mother’s Day changed color.  Red and pink carnations became synonymous for mothers that were alive and white carnations were worn to honor deceased mothers (1).
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10 of the Cutest Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, known as one of the most romantic days in the year, is a time for couples to show their love and affection for their partner. They do this by exchanging small gifts of affection with each other. While these Valentine Day gifts can range from the truly luxurious to the traditional, we have several ideas for that special person in your life. There is something for everyone; from the highly creative individual to the person with a green thumb. You’ll find great ideas for the partner that enjoys decorating, sewing, enjoying the outdoors or baking and cooking. If you’re looking for something special for the person who enjoys the simpler things in life and doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, then we have a few suggestions that you might like.

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13 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, how do you figure out what kind of gift to give?  Of course, we think chocolates and flowers are beautiful and thoughtful, but what if you’d like to buy something a little more personal based on a person’s interests?  For instance, what could you give a friend, a sibling or a favorite teacher?

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8 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for 2016


Finding the perfect gift can be tough! To help out, we’ve created a few different guides dedicated to helping you find something special, including our Holiday Gift Guide where you can find gifts based on recipient, price and interests and Stocking Stuffers if you’re looking for something small! Below, we’re listing our favorite clothing and jewelry pieces that will also make perfect gifts!

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Incredible Gift Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss for Father’s Day in 2016!

This year will be the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day which falls on June 19th in 2016.  It’s a day that dads and father figures get to kick back, watch a favorite sporting event, take a long nap, or do whatever it is they choose!

Father’s Day began when Sonora Smart Dodd, decided in 1916 that she wanted to honor her single dad for singlehandedly raising her and her five siblings and doing a great job.

For the first Father’s Day, girls handed out red roses to their dads to pin onto their lapels.  Father’s Day has become a popular holiday that is widely celebrated. A little bit of trivia that you may not know is that Father’s Day was not even a permanent holiday until President Richard Nixon made a presidential proclamation in 1972.

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The BEST Favorite Disney Toys from the Movie Frozen

Frozen Movie Gifts and Toys for Your Princess Anna and Elsa

When the movie Frozen opened to crowded theaters in 2013, no one could have predicted what a huge hit it would turn out to be.  Frozen tells the charming and compelling story of sisterly relationships, overcoming obstacles and how love and persistence can help you get through tough times.  These are admirable qualities that many of us strive for.  To find a children’s movie that has successfully found a way to weave these valuable lessons into a fantasy storyline is truly remarkable.  The life lessons shared in the movie, the hit song, “Let it Go” by Idinia Menzel and the adorable characters, Olaf, Hans, Anna and Elsa have all contributed to Frozen becoming the highest grossing animated and musical film OF ALL TIME, with a worldwide box office gross of over $1 billion.  We’re hoping with the success of Frozen, that it will lead to a Frozen 2, but until we hear something, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed.
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Gifts From the Heart

Inspiring Gifts From the Heart ♥

Do you have times when you’re stuck and can’t think of what to buy for your friend, your mom, or an office colleague (hint, hint)?  While being motivated will help you get your gift ordered, it’s another thing to find the right gift if you’re not inspired.   A little bit of inspiration can lead you towards a gift that looks right and feels right.  It’s the type of gift that when you look at it, you say, “that’s the one!”

Popular inspirational gifts tend to focus on a positive quote or sentiment, like the lighted home family blessing fragrance warmer.  The small quotes on this glass base would make a wonderful housewarming gift, and it would also be a great gift for a new family.
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Great Gifts for the Coolest Dad

This person taught me how to walk, kissed every boo-boo to make the pain go away, protected me from getting hurt, helped me to get over difficulties, worked hard to make sure I had a comfortable life, and loved me unconditionally. This person is my role model, my hero – this person is my dad. Continue reading Great Gifts for the Coolest Dad

Graduation – Celebrating the Academic Accomplishment

It’s graduation time! It’s the time when students leave their school life behind and move towards their future endeavors. It’s also a time to applaud their academic achievements. It is not an easy thing to leave the familiar surroundings and set out towards new horizons. It is at this time that you want to cherish your son’s or daughter’s accomplishments, as well as to offer your support as they embark upon a new journey. Continue reading Graduation – Celebrating the Academic Accomplishment