5 Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays on a Budget

The holidays are the busiest times of the year. It can also squeeze your wallet dry to the last penny. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to decorate to show your holiday spirit, the following are five helpful ideas on how you can get some cheap Christmas decorations and enrich your home with the spirit of Christmas.

1. DIY Christmas Stocking Totes

Stockings are a classic Christmas tradition, but due to their odd shape, it can be hard to stuff anything into them. You can make a more convenient “stocking” by using a tote bag instead! You can get inexpensive totes at your local craft store, but the best part is that you can use your imagination to decorate them however you want.

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7 Common Superstitions for Friday, Oct 13th

7 Common Superstitions for Friday, Oct 13th

Friday, October 13th, may be considered an unlucky day for some, but we disagree; because today only we are offering 13% off on over 1,300 items! Click here or on the banner below to find your good luck.

Here is our take on 7 common Friday the 13th superstitions:

  1. Black cats are considered bad luck if one crosses your path. One town even has black cats wear a bell on their collars so you can hear when they are near and you can avoid them. Or you can pet them and you’ll probably be fine.
  2. Breaking a mirror may bring 7 years of bad luck. Let’s hope it doesn’t take you that long to clean up all the shards of glass.
  3. Walking under a ladder is considered bad luck, although that’s probably not a wise thing to do anyway.
  4. If you spill salt, throw it over your shoulder to get rid of the bad luck. We suggest checking who’s behind you first, so you don’t throw it in someone’s eye. That would definitely bring bad luck for the person behind you, and potentially you too, depending on how they react.
  5. Never leave your purse on the floor if you want to avoid bad luck, as there may be something dirty on the ground. It also makes it easy for a bad guy to snatch.
  6. Avoid passing cemeteries on October 13th if you don’t want bad luck. If you forget and walk past one, then hold your breath until you see a black or brown dog, because that’s the only way to get rid of the bad luck. We’re not sure why any other color dog would not work.  Also, consider that holding your breath for too long can land you in the cemetery as well.
  7. Lastly, if you are really in a rut and bad luck is hanging on your every move, spin around 7 times but be careful you don’t fall on anyone and cause double the bad luck!

Overheard list of 7 Lucky Charms you can use to keep bad luck away:

  1. Carry a lucky four-leaf clover.
  2. Carry a lucky horseshoe (doesn’t have to be a full size one).
  3. Be very kind to other people; this way at least you can evoke good luck.
  4. Finding a ladybug brings a bit of good luck. The deeper the red, the luckier you’ll be.
  5. Anything with the lucky number “7” are popular good luck charms.
  6. To give yourself a continuous dose of good luck, keep goldfish in a fish tank. In Feng Shu, it is believed that goldfish attract luck and prosperity.
  7. Lastly, “find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck!” Don’t underestimate the power of the penny, as keeping one in your pocket is considered good luck.

What has brought you good luck today?


6 Amazingly Affordable Halloween Decoration Ideas We Love!

Halloween is a time when people all over America delight in the anticipation of a good scare, which is why we’ve thought of 6 amazingly affordable Halloween decoration ideas that are perfect for Halloween.  It doesn’t matter what kind of Halloween décor you are looking for, we have an amazing assortment of ghosts, skeletons, scarecrows and witches that are sure to satisfy your decorating needs.

6. Spooktacular Halloween Skeleton Decorations

Halloween skeleton decorations can be used in many different ways.  For instance, give your neighbors a good laugh by positioning the 4-foot posable Halloween skeleton doing something silly, like climbing up the house.  However, if you want to create a scarier display, you can add extra props or scary noises, like the sound of an evil laugh.




The dog and cat skeletons are excellent choices to add to your Halloween décor, especially if your decorations are supposed to be frightening. These pet skeletons look and sound scary. They are not your ordinary cuddly pets, so beware!  They have their mouths wide open showing sharp teeth and red, glowing eyes which actually light up.  Both are triggered by sound; the cat will hiss and the dog will bark if someone walks nearby.

Try to imagine inadvertently triggering the sounds of these pet skeletons as you pass by.  Your neighbors and other pets are sure to get a good scare.  Who wouldn’t turn tail and run as fast as they could?

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Quick and Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes 2017

Halloween is an exciting time of year but it can be very easy to overlook the best part of it-  Wearing Halloween Costumes! Halloween costumes shouldn’t have to be stressful but it can feel that way when we do not have much time to come up with one. These Halloween costume ideas for women are perfect solutions for anyone who is on a time crunch and are looking for something easy and affordable to wear!

Spider Web Halloween Costume for Women

It doesn’t get much easier in terms of Halloween costumes than our Halloween Spider Web Poncho!  Simply slip this comfortable poncho over a layering top and a white spider web surrounds you while a creepy purple spider crawls up your shoulder. This poncho is the perfect easy Halloween costume to wear at parties, during work, or while out trick-or-treating with children.

Here’s what our customers are saying!

“Good quality – will maintain well. Great purchase – very satisfied.”

“It will be an easy costume to put on and take off at an adult Halloween party. Perfect for a senior adult!”

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5 Affordable Front Porch and Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Fall 2017


The front porch is a great space for fall decorations, which is why we are giving you 5 affordable, fall, front porch decorating ideas on how to create a fall-inspired, front porch that will look visually stunning.  Fall is a gorgeous season full of the sights, smells and tastes of autumn.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to use your decorating skills this fall.

Your front porch is the perfect place for welcoming in the many joys the fall season brings. From the visual masterpiece of changing leaves, to the inviting smells of pumpkin pie baking and scrumptious flavors of freshly harvested foods, autumn is a gorgeous season to celebrate. Use your decorating skills and passions inspired by fall with these 5 affordable front porch decorating ideas.

5. Sensational Lighted Faux Maple Tree With Fall-Colored Leaves









The lighted maple trees are number five on our countdown list of 5 affordable front porch and outdoor decorating ideas for fall because they make beautiful decorations and they remind us of their iconic wide and colorful leaves, as well as their ability to produce fresh maple syrup best used on fall morning pancakes.

Unlike real trees outside that lose their leaves, these decorative, lighted maple trees won’t be blown away by the wind and will last the entire fall season. These warm and inviting maple trees make for a wonderful fall porch decoration and you can use one, two or more. The LED lights project a lovely sparkling effect against the harvest gold and red leaves, and makes for an eye-catching fall display.

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Top 5 Fall Fashion Styles for Women

You may not want to be thinking about the colder weather right now, especially in the middle of summer, but being prepared for the seasonal change always helps make transitioning easier.  We’ve planned out the top 5 fall fashion styles for women to help guide you through your wardrobe refresh!


Ponchos are a stylish and easy-to-wear option during colder seasons. Ponchos are great over a long sweater and will keep you warm on chilly fall days without the bulk. Our fashionable faux leather trimmed poncho sweater features an open front design with an attached belt. The faux leather trim along the edges gives the top a more luxurious and trendy look. Pair it with our best-selling double tier hemline top underneath for a chic fall outfit!


Tunic tops are great pieces to own because their longer, flattering shape lets you pair them with comfortable leggings.  Our must-have favorite tunic for fall is the lace back tunic with a high-low hemline. This beautiful top has lace panels along the back hemline and can be easily dressed up or down!

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5 Fashion Looks for Summer

Warm days are here again! We’re looking forward to lots of sunshine and fun summer activities like picnics, beach days and barbecues. Our new summer collection has something for everyone and every occasion! Here we are sharing our Top 5 Fashion Looks for the Summer that are trendy, fun and stylish!

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Top 5 Spring Clothing Styles for Women

In looking to fulfill our desire to bring our customers and readers comfortable, stylish looks without spending a fortune, here we present to you our Top 5 favorite Clothing Styles for Spring. We chose these pieces for a variety of reasons including versatility, trendiness and their ability to look flattering on all different body types. It’s most important that the clothing you wear makes you feel good, as when you feel good, you’re instantly beautiful all over.

Drawstring Knit Skort

Have you ever wanted to wear a skirt outside but worried that it’d be a bit too windy? We’ve been there before. Well, crisis adverted with our drawstring knit skort! This skirt comes with a pair of shorts underneath that is attached so you can wear it without worry. This skort has been a longtime customer favorite and best seller due to its flattering style and comfortable elasticized waist. The selection of colors to choose from including black, coral, white, turquoise and purple are the perfect variety of classic and trendy options and we’re sure you will be wearing this skort all season long!

Chambray Pintuck Tunic

When you think of spring I’m sure images of flowers and bright sunny days come to mind. Spring is a very colorful season and nothing says spring fashion like beautiful pastel colors! These soft tones create a feeling of freshness and light which is the perfect way to welcome the new season. Our chambray button down tunic comes in trendy pastel colors such as pink, lilac, mint and blue, making it an essential shirt to own during this time of the year. Chambray is a lightweight cotton fabric that feels like linen and is great at keeping you feeling cool. This shirt features a delicately pleated bust for a more fitted silhouette and the roll tab sleeves give you the option to wear them up or down. Style tip: wear the shirt open and pair it with an adorable tank top, like our embroidered tulip sleeveless top!

Tie Dye Dress with Embroidery

The dress gets what we call the Triple F – Fun, Flirty, and Flattering! Remember when you were younger and made your own tie-dye t-shirts? Maybe it was for a Girl Scout project or a friend’s birthday party or family picnic. Sometimes the shirt came out perfect or sometimes you were disappointed, but you always were proud to show it off. Celebrate that childhood memory with this grown-up piece – no dye required. The lines of the dye pattern in this dress slim you at the waist while the crochet neckline adds a little romance to the top. This dress keeps you cool in the warmer weather and the crisp contrast of white on bright really makes you stand out in a crowd. This dress says ‘I’m casual by nature, but still like to have fun’. Wear it to your favorite neighborhood events, picnics or on the beach. It comes in our two favorite warm weather colors: Turquoise and Mango.

Cut-Out Shoulder Knit Tunic

Shoulder cut-out tops are everywhere right now! This super stylish and trendy look is a fun way to make a statement with any outfit. Step up your spring wardrobe with our cut-out- shoulder knit tunic in three gorgeous colors: royal blue, purple and turquoise. This modern cut looks great on everyone and features a flattering scooped neckline. Wear it out to dinner, shopping at the mall or at any party. Best of all, the longer length lets you pair it with leggings, capris or jeans!

Cotton Knit Elasticized Drawstring Pant

Spring is the season to get outdoors again and enjoy the fresh air. Nothing feels better than taking a nice walk outside, especially if you’ve had an extremely cold winter! This cotton knit drawstring pant is the best piece of clothing for such occasions. These extremely easy to wear pants feature a comfortable elasticized drawstring waist and made from 100% cotton fabric. You can dress with down by wearing a comfortable top (we recommend a classic layered tank top) or dress it up with a trendy shirt, like our scalloped hemline tunic!

Want to see more fashion? We’ve got over 800 pieces in our apparel category! Click here to see all of the affordable clothing, many of which are offered in extended sizes so there is something for everyone!

Charming Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

Every second Sunday in May, we recognize Mother’s Day as a way to honor the positive contributions of all mothers.  The founder of the Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, began to actively campaign to make Mother’s Day an official U.S. Holiday after her mother passed away.  It was at her mother’s memorial service that she handed out carnations, her mother’s favorite flower, to all those who attended.  In the years to come, the original white carnations that were associated with Mother’s Day changed color.  Red and pink carnations became synonymous for mothers that were alive and white carnations were worn to honor deceased mothers (1).
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11 Tips For Hosting The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Party

St Patrick’s Day is a festive holiday for all ages. Celebrating the culture and history of the Emerald Isle is tons of fun whether you have Irish heritage or not! If you are throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party this year, check out the tips below for decorating and snack ideas that your guests will love!

1. Greet Guests with Door Decorations

Before your guests even get into your home, welcome them to the party with some St. Patrick’s Day outdoor decor! Add a pop of green and gold with a fun and festive St. Patty’s Day wreath or a green and white swag on the front door. Opt for a cute leprechaun kitty on your porch, fence or light fixture, or a pretty green wreath for a more subtle look. Get the most bang for your buck with a “Welcome” sign with interchangeable ornaments and hang the shamrock for St. Patty’s Day!

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