6 Amazingly Affordable Halloween Decoration Ideas We Love!

Halloween is a time when people all over America delight in the anticipation of a good scare, which is why we’ve thought of 6 amazingly affordable Halloween decoration ideas that are perfect for Halloween.  It doesn’t matter what kind of Halloween décor you are looking for, we have an amazing assortment of ghosts, skeletons, scarecrows and witches that are sure to satisfy your decorating needs.

6. Spooktacular Halloween Skeleton Decorations

Halloween skeleton decorations can be used in many different ways.  For instance, give your neighbors a good laugh by positioning the 4-foot posable Halloween skeleton doing something silly, like climbing up the house.  However, if you want to create a scarier display, you can add extra props or scary noises, like the sound of an evil laugh.




The dog and cat skeletons are excellent choices to add to your Halloween décor, especially if your decorations are supposed to be frightening. These pet skeletons look and sound scary. They are not your ordinary cuddly pets, so beware!  They have their mouths wide open showing sharp teeth and red, glowing eyes which actually light up.  Both are triggered by sound; the cat will hiss and the dog will bark if someone walks nearby.

Try to imagine inadvertently triggering the sounds of these pet skeletons as you pass by.  Your neighbors and other pets are sure to get a good scare.  Who wouldn’t turn tail and run as fast as they could?

5. Animatronic Halloween Decorations

This snappy dresser and soulful crooner can belt out the song “Super Freak”, while shaking his hips and looking cool.  He’s sound activated, so he’ll be a lot of fun at parties or as he greets trick-or-treaters at the door. While the younger kids may not be old enough to know the song he is singing, if you remember it, go ahead and jump in. He won’t mind singing the song as a duet!

Another type of animatronic decoration is the ghost witch.  You’ve most likely seen a variety of ghostly décor that ranges from super spooky to warm and friendly. Rest assured, this little guy is quite adorable and will give you more of a laugh than a scare.  He’s the perfect size to hang up or place on a mantel or shelf.

This fellow is so sweet that unsuspecting people won’t expect him to shake or say anything, but he is sound activated, so beware.  You can check out the video by clicking on this link here.

4. Halloween Door Decorations

If you’ve been looking for a creepy decoration to put on your door, then this skeleton wreath might be what you’ve been looking for. With black, glitter mesh wrapped around a wreath, the skeletal face looks as if it’s staring right at you with its eerie, flashing skeletal eyes. The two, prominent bony hands are rather creepy to look at may send a chill up your spine.





What else can you do to jazz up your front door for Halloween?  Use this lighted, purple spider web wreath that is decorated with midnight, black leaves, twigs and shimmering silver strands.  There are also purple globes surrounded by purple LED lights that enhance the creepy, spooky vibe.  You’ll find two, large, glittery spiders casually hanging onto the spider web, as if they’re casually going on a midnight stroll (we promise they’ll stay put).  We know that your Halloween door décor will capture the interest of your friends, guests and trick-or-treaters as it sparkles and shines within the darkness of night.

3. Halloween Window Silhouettes

You’re going to have a lot of fun this year with these two window crashers.  They’re delightfully unique decorations that are designed to look like they are literally crashing through your window.  This is achieved by using the suction cups on each end and securing it to the window.

2. Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Did you know there are quicker and easier ways to decorate pumpkins besides just carving it?  There’s the mess from the pumpkin “goo” that you have to dig out and the time it takes to find the pumpkin seeds in order to bake them.  Why not just skip the newspaper on the table, forget the elaborate carving and go with one (or both!) of our decorative pumpkin holders.  After you add a cute tail and light-up eyes, you may decide to never go back to carving pumpkins.

1. Halloween Star Shower Motion Slideshow

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; the Star Shower Slide Show has changed how people will decorate now and in the future.  Want to look like you’re part of the Halloween fun in your neighborhood, but don’t have enough time to decorate?  Simply plug the projector in, insert the slide and turn it on.  Voile!  Your house is now decorated.  This slideshow projector comes with a total of 12 slides for various holidays and can withstand rain or snow with its waterproof case.

There are plenty of fun Halloween decoration ideas that are affordable, unique, and simple to set up.  You don’t need an entire Halloween theme at your house, but it might be nice to try something different, like getting an animatronic decoration that sings and dances or just having fun posing your skeletons in hilarious ways.  Use your creativity as you decorate your home and let us know how it goes.


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