5 Affordable Front Porch and Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Fall 2017


The front porch is a great space for fall decorations, which is why we are giving you 5 affordable, fall, front porch decorating ideas on how to create a fall-inspired, front porch that will look visually stunning.  Fall is a gorgeous season full of the sights, smells and tastes of autumn.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to use your decorating skills this fall.

Your front porch is the perfect place for welcoming in the many joys the fall season brings. From the visual masterpiece of changing leaves, to the inviting smells of pumpkin pie baking and scrumptious flavors of freshly harvested foods, autumn is a gorgeous season to celebrate. Use your decorating skills and passions inspired by fall with these 5 affordable front porch decorating ideas.

5. Sensational Lighted Faux Maple Tree With Fall-Colored Leaves









The lighted maple trees are number five on our countdown list of 5 affordable front porch and outdoor decorating ideas for fall because they make beautiful decorations and they remind us of their iconic wide and colorful leaves, as well as their ability to produce fresh maple syrup best used on fall morning pancakes.

Unlike real trees outside that lose their leaves, these decorative, lighted maple trees won’t be blown away by the wind and will last the entire fall season. These warm and inviting maple trees make for a wonderful fall porch decoration and you can use one, two or more. The LED lights project a lovely sparkling effect against the harvest gold and red leaves, and makes for an eye-catching fall display.

4.  Charming Amish Wagon Decorative Garden Planter


The bounty of flowers and plants that are available during the fall is quite a feast for the eyes and without taking up a lot of space while keeping an eye on your expenses, this rustic, hunter green Amish wagon is the perfect solution to display colorful mums, golden sunflowers or miniature fall pumpkins. The iron wheels are a nice contrast against the weathered charm of the wooden wagon. If you’d like another color to coordinate with your decor, this wagon also comes in red and blue. You’ll be able to re-use this wagon over and over again throughout the year by just changing out the décor to fit the appropriate season.

3.  Welcoming Fall Door Wreaths


Fall door wreaths are always a good choice for adding a charming look to your front door.  This berry and autumn leaves twig wreath is a customer favorite. The burnt orange leaves, twigs and red cherries present a beautiful arrangement of autumn colors. This wreath is a wonderful “statement piece” for your front porch and can easily coordinate with the rest of your fall décor. It looks lovely over a mantel piece as well.


Another fall door wreath to consider is this festive, harvest gourd and leaves wreath which features glittery orange pumpkins, festive gourds, and colorful leaves.  This wreath has the added benefit of illuminating the autumn leaves on the wreath. Hang this on your front door, a window or a light post for curb appeal.

2.  Exquisite Artificial Fall Flower Arrangements



One way to capture the essence of fall is by using boldly-colored fall flower arrangements around your front porch.  No need to worry if you don’t have a green thumb or if the idea of mixing and matching flowers makes you break into a sweat.  These faux flowers come in a variety of hues, styles, and colors and are easy to arrange into a stunning display

1.  Fall Scarecrow Decorations

autumn-scarecrow-hanging-fence-bunting scarecrow-poseable-arms-fall-decoration

What would fall be without a couple scarecrow decorations?  You’ll love how easy it is to decorate with the scarecrow fence bunting.  This charming straw-colored hair scarecrow bunting is easy to throw over a porch railing and can even be used to hang on a mantel.  Another good choice is this friendly scarecrow with poseable arms that can wrap around a post or stair railing. His delightful, brown hat, straw hair and country, plaid sleeves is a fun addition to the rest of your fall décor.

With fall approaching and cooler weather drawing near, we hope you’ll make your front porch decorating ideas come alive with the abundance of colors, textures, and styles available this fall. Please share your front porch pictures with us when you finish decorating.  We’d like to know how it turns out!

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