Charming Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

Every second Sunday in May, we recognize Mother’s Day as a way to honor the positive contributions of all mothers.  The founder of the Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, began to actively campaign to make Mother’s Day an official U.S. Holiday after her mother passed away.  It was at her mother’s memorial service that she handed out carnations, her mother’s favorite flower, to all those who attended.  In the years to come, the original white carnations that were associated with Mother’s Day changed color.  Red and pink carnations became synonymous for mothers that were alive and white carnations were worn to honor deceased mothers (1).

The rest of Anna’s life was spent tirelessly working to make Mother’s Day a U.S. national holiday.  Her efforts finally paid off in 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it a national holiday.

If you are fortunate enough that your mother is still alive, spending time with her doing the things that she loves is one way to make Mother’s Day meaningful to her.  Depending on the interests of your mom, we have compiled a list of gift ideas for you.

The Fairy Garden Designer

A fun gardening trend that has become popular is how to create fairy gardens.  Getting started is pretty easy.  You can use any type of planter’s pot to start your fairy garden or find an area in the garden that isn’t being used.  Or try something a little different, like our popular Amish Wagon Decorative Wagon Planter.  This would look lovely inside or outside of your home.

Blue Amish Wagon Garden Planter


We have a delightful collection of fairy garden accessories to choose from.  With our delightful collection of mini figurines and planter holders, your own customized fairy garden is only a phone (or email) away.

The NO Fuss Planting Planter

Perhaps your mom enjoys the beauty of flowers, but not the upkeep.  The perfect solution is our natural-looking plants.  Our Geranium Bushnel Floral Picks comes in four different colors and will look pretty on a windy sill, in a potted plant, or even outdoors.  If using them outdoors, your faux flowers will look healthy and bright and here’s the bonus:  there’s no need to worry about watering them!

Geranium Bushnel Floral Picks

There are so many different types of faux plants to choose from, take a look at all the choices to see which plant or flower would suit the look and color for your home.

Floral Gerbera Daisy Bushes

The Skillful Gardener

However, if your mom is more of a gardener that enjoys digging into the earth, then maybe mom would enjoy choosing from a selection of fresh flowers or plants. This Mosquito Grass is great filler for your garden beds and has the additional benefit of producing a citrus scent that keeps mosquitos away.

If you were to plant both the Mosquito Grass and the Mint Julip Rose, you would be able to enjoy a lovely floral fragrance.  Plus, you’d also find that these plants look enchanting next to each other.  These roses will bloom from summer into fall and will make beautiful summer bouquets once the flowers are cut.  You can click here for a more in-depth article on gardening on our blog.

Mosquito Grass

Don’t forget these handy gardening accessories to keep Mom comfortable while she is planting.  We suggest the Garden Joy Folding Seat/Kneeler to give her knees soft, cushioned support.  It’s also easily switches from a kneeler to a seat if mom would like to take a break.  Keep your mom’s arms protected from thorns, bug bites and scratches with these long sleeve floral gloves.  Here’s a handy idea in case you forget to water your plants.  Keep a Set of these two plant watering globes to keep your plants alive.

To keep your feet dry and comfortable, keep a pair of shoes specifically for gardening.  This way you won’t have to worry about getting your shoes dirty.  These black pansy and yellow chicken waterproof garden shoes look stylish and can also be worn when running errands.

Gardening Tools from Collections Etc.


The Kitchen Guru

If you’re lucky enough to have a mom that likes cooking & baking, then these 5 items will help make cooking a little easier.  The Non-Stick Oven Liners aren’t exactly exciting, but they do a great job of keeping splatters from dripping in the oven and making a mess.

Non-stick Oven Liner

If your mom enjoys cooking healthy meals, then she’ll want to try this ceramic non-stick griddle pan.  You don’t need to use butter or oil and it’s perfect for indoor oven grilling chicken, fish, and veggies.

Help Mom get through her food preparation a little quicker by using this convenient kitchen tool that chops, minces, cubes, slices and dices by using just one container.

Another great way to help your mom cut down on her time in the kitchen is to use the Perfect Cooker.   This cooker allows you to quickly and easily cook rice, pasta, or soup.  Within minutes, the sensor can calculate the exact heat and cook time for every recipe, so there’s no need to worry about programming.  Talk about saving time!

The Devoted Pet Mom

Once the kids have grown up and are out of the house, moms can then devote their time and energy towards their beloved pets.  If you are a dog or cat owner, we have a charming selection of fun pet toys, comfortable beds and pet care products for you to use to spoil your pet.

This interactive toy called, Gazoos will keep your pet entertained.  It has a built in motion sensor that moves around, even when you’re not there.  Plus, there are five cute toy animals to choose from.

Gazoos-Interactive Dog Toys

With warmer days approaching, you won’t be the only that gets hot.  Pets can overheat too, which is why this Polar Pooch self-cooling mat will keep your pets happy and cool.

Polar Pooch Cooling Mat

Give your pet a stylish and comfy pet couch to sleep in.  They’ll appreciate the Sherpa-type fabric with cozy pillow that will have them snuggling fast to sleep.

Pet Bed Couch

If your mom is a proud pet parent, then you might like these two adorable t-shirts.  There’s no better way to let people know that your pets are special and important to you.

We are proud to honor and celebrate the contributions of all mothers on Mother’s Day.  For more gift ideas for Mother’s Day, check out this link to our website.


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