Quick and Easy Storage Solutions For Your Home

Is there ever enough storage space in any home or apartment? Older buildings especially may be short on closet space, linen cupboards and kitchen cabinets. Remodeling is costly and disruptive. Even the modular customized closet storage systems marketed on television and in print are expensive and can take several weeks. For quick fixes that cost little or nothing, read on.

In The Kitchen

Look up. Use the tops of kitchen cabinets to store infrequently-used items. Put once-a-year holiday tableware in attractive tins for a decorative touch as well as protection from dust and breakage. Baskets add warmth and texture to a room full of hard, shiny surfaces and are ideal for extra table linens and specialty cooking and baking utensils. Choose picnic baskets with fold-up tops or cover an open basket with a pretty, patterned cloth napkin. Decorate an ordinary cardboard box with pages from old cookbooks, using decoupage techniques, for no-cost, nostalgia-inducing storage.

35804-Country Star BasketThis charming Country Star Basket is perfect for keeping condiments, napkins and utensils organized on your table or kitchen counter. It will fit all sizes of spices so that after they are placed in the basket, they can then be easily stored in the cabinet. Your country star basket can also do double duty. You can use it in the bathroom for holding miscellaneous items and even in the family room to store your tv remotes. Item #35804

After a grocery shopping trip, what do you do with all the plastic bags? If they end up everywhere, try using this beautiful and discreet metal scroll bag holder that will keep plastic grocery bags contained. It’s simple to use. All you have to do is hang it over a cabinet door! Item #35459.

32572-Can Storage RackFinding a place to store cans in your pantry can be tricky as they can only be stacked so high before they fall down. To create more space, use the Can Storage Organizer Rack. This 3-tier rack can hold up to 9 cans and will keep your pantry shelf looking organized and uncluttered.

In The Bedroom

Make good use of the valuable real estate under your bed by using under-the-bed storage bags to store seasonal clothes. They are easy to slide in and out, making it a snap to locate the items you need.
You also can raise your bed height by purchasing bed risers, designed to give you more storage room under your bed. Another alternative to add height to your bed, is to find paving blocks at your local garden center. Once you’re done using the storage under your bed, keep that area well hidden by adding a pretty, ruffled layer bedskirt and complete your bedding ensemble with style.

In Your Closet

If you do not have enough storage space for off-season clothes, free up room in your closet by hanging two or more garments on one hanger. By using the wonder hanger max closet organizer, you’ll be able to double the amount of clothes you hang without taking up valuable closet space.
Slip a cardigan sweater or a vest, or both, over a long-sleeved shirt during warmer months, making room for summer garments. By consolidating the number of hangers you use, you’ll have more space in your closet to hang your seasonal clothes. Then, when you need to store your summer clothes during the winter, you can use these tank top hangers, which will allow you to stack your summer outfits onto one hanger. For example, slide a tank top on the hanger and overlap it with an additional sun dress or light sweater. You’ll end up with more closet space than you can imagine.

In The Bathroom

Most bathrooms have storage space under the vanity, but it is often small and hard to access. To make the most use of this space, use a battery-operated stick-on light and several organizer accessories. In order to get better lighting to see, this motion sensor light with timer (Set of Two) is easy to hang in the any space that is dark or where extra light is needed. Another option is to use the battery operated under counter lights (Set of three) which easily attaches to any wall.

Adding sliding drawers to your cabinets allows you to use the full length of the cabinet without having to get down on your knees to reach to the back. This two-tier sliding shelf has easy pull-out baskets that are removable. Stand an inexpensive shower caddy at each side of the under-sink area. They will hold extra shampoo and bath items neatly and efficiently.

In The Garage

Every do-it-yourself-er accumulates tools, hardware and other project supplies. These are often small and should be organized so that, for instance, wood and metal screws are not jumbled together and the metric and English wrenches can be stored separately. But tool boxes and hardware bins are not sturdy enough to stand up to hard use. To find inexpensive alternatives, look no further than your recycle bin. Wash out empty cans and jars and remove the labels, then put them to use. Punch a hole near the top of a can to hang it from a pegboard hook. Attach the top of an empty plastic or glass jar to the bottom of a wooden shelf and retrieve the needed hardware by unscrewing the jar. Cans and jars come in a variety of sizes, from small baby food containers to extra-large peanut butter jars. Check with friends and neighbors if you need several. What can be better than convenient, no-cost and good for the environment?

The home organization industry is a multi-million dollar business. People need to store stuff and often are willing to pay considerable amounts of money to do so. But with some thought, planning and willingness to think creatively, quick and easy storage solutions are at your fingertips.

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