13 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, how do you figure out what kind of gift to give?  Of course, we think chocolates and flowers are beautiful and thoughtful, but what if you’d like to buy something a little more personal based on a person’s interests?  For instance, what could you give a friend, a sibling or a favorite teacher?

To help you, we’ve listed 13 Valentine Gift Ideas for a variety of people that you probably already know.  Let us know if we missed anything! 

1. For Your Sister

A beautifully embroidered, spring throw pillow.

2. For Your Husband

Your husband will get a kick out of this trophy husband t-shirt.  What a great way to recognize your AMAZING husband! If a t-shirt gift is just not your husband’s thing, we’re going to make an educated guess and assume your husband probably likes tools.  If he has ever had to hang a picture in your home before, then he knows the importance of keeping everything level.  Our level has an attached handle, which means that it will be slightly easier for him to hold it straight up against the wall and if you’re helping too, you’ll appreciate how much easier it is to hold up the level.

3.  For Your Tea Aficionado Friends

You may know someone that enjoys collecting cute teapots or just using it to serve tea.  Perhaps you could also throw in a couple boxes of their favorite tea.

4.  For Your Pet

This adorable denim dog jacket will be sure to get you lots of attention as you’re walking your dog.  Keep your “favorite child” cozy, warm and stylish.


5.  For Your Dedicated Teacher

Being a teacher is one of the harder professions out there, and we think this coloring book and pencil set would be a great way to unwind and blow off steam.

6.  For the Creative, Whimsical, and Unique People You Have in Your Life

These new metal animal clocks are so cute, you may want to give one as a gift and keep the other one.  These charming animal clocks are practical and fun.  They are the perfect gift for someone in your life that appreciates quirkiness.

7.  For Your Mom

Looking for something distinctive for your mom or maybe a favorite teacher?  We think this adorable jewelry box would be perfect for special jewelry or meaningful trinkets.


8.  For the Nature Enthusiast

This popular ceramic garden bird feeder makes a nice addition to a patio or garden.  This gift will certainly be appreciated by your flying, feathered friends, but it’s also an adorable gift to give to a person who loves being in nature.

9.  For Those Who Inspire

You can’t go wrong with these inspirational pillow covers.  You can choose all three pillow covers below or pick the one that you like the most.  The spring colors and beautiful designs are a great way to remind you that Spring is coming.

10.  For Your Daughter

This necklace is a lovely sentimental gift, especially when it’s personalized with the person’s birthstone.  Add a childhood or family picture to complete this thoughtful and customized gift.

11.  For the Shopping Fashionista

It’s probably not the best idea to buy someone an outfit if you aren’t 100% sure of their size.  An outfit that is too big could easily hurt someone’s feelings and an outfit that is too small could be rather embarrassing.  A popular item that works for everyone is an infinity scarf.  These are beautiful, printed scarves to wear around your neck with an outfit or just a coat.  We think anyone that receives one of these scarfs will be infinitely grateful.

12.  For Your Mother-in-Law

It can be a little intimidating to find something special for your mother-in-law.  This lovely, candle warmer nightlight is perfect.  She can use it anywhere in the house.  Try using scented candle wax for a light aroma to flow throughout the house.

13.  For Anyone!

We absolutely adore these DIY Confetti Painted heart mugs.  You can find inexpensive white mugs at most stores and they can also be found at thrift stores.  Purchase paint markers to decorate the outside the cups and fill the inside of the cup with treats.  You can find the rest of the directions here.

Valentine’s Day is a way to remember the special people in your life.  It’s a time to regroup and be with a loved one, a friend or someone else significant to you.  We sincerely hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


Please let us know in the comments below what ideas you have for Valentine’s Day.


One thought on “13 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I am surprised you don’t have gifts for Wife’s from their husbands and Elderly Mothers from their adult sons and daughters …. what is wrong with you?


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