5 Amazingly AFFORDABLE Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

Moose! And Wolves! And Bears! Oh my! Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you have a passion for hunting, fishing, and hiking? Do you yearn to explore the wilderness of the Great American West? Or maybe you simply enjoy adding some rustic, woodland flair to your home. You can achieve the look of a Northwoods lodge in your very own home and you can do it without breaking the bank. Here are five affordable log cabin decorating ideas for adding nature-inspired style to your home.

Log Cabin Decorating Idea #1: Wall Decor

If you want to give your home that log cabin feel, the walls are a good place to start. The 3D Eagle Sculpted Wall Shelf is a popular item that makes an impressive addition to a cabin-themed room.  If you are looking for rustic, bear decor the Northwoods Walking Bears Metal Wall Art is an excellent choice, featuring a mother bear and her cub walking through a pine forest.

Log Cabin Decorating Idea#2: Bedding


To further enhance your cabin decor theme, consider your bedding. The Green Woods Nature Patchwork Quilt features bears, moose, ducks, cabins and evergreens. Another quilt that would look great in a cabin in the woods is the Northwoods Lodge Moose Bedroom Quilt which features woodland creatures and a beautiful plaid patchwork design.

If you are looking for bedding that features the striking majesty of a howling wolf pack, look no further than the Midnight Wolves Bed Comforter Set.


Finally, the Northwoods Deer Fleece Coverlet features an impressive close-up illustration of a deer on a rich, brown background.

Log Cabin Decorating Idea #3: Drapery and Curtains

Another place you can add some rustic flair to your home is with your window curtains. The Woodland Bear Curtain Tier Set would pair nicely with the Northwoods Lodge Moose Bedroom Quilt. The Woodland Curtain Valance goes well with the Green Woods Nature Patchwork Quilt.

Log Cabin Decorating Idea #4: Table Decorations

Woodland table decorations are great for a log cabin theme. The Embroidered Northwoods Table Linens feature deer in the forest and pair nicely with woodland curtains. The Soaring Eagle Lamp adds a nice decorative touch to any table.

If you are looking to continue the theme in the kitchen, consider the Northwoods Kitchen Table Linens.

Log Cabin Decorating Idea #5: Floor Rugs

To complete your woodland decorating, rugs are the perfect addition. The Northwoods Bear Wilderness Rug features a gorgeous illustration of a mother bear and her cubs crossing a river. The Woodland Timber Woods Accent Rug features a bear walking through the forest with an attractive Aztec-style border. The Northwoods Woodland Trails Rug accents the Woodland Curtain Valance nicely.


If you’re ready to give your home the feel of a cozy log cabin in the woods, there are lots of affordable options for you to try. Cabin decorating on a budget can be easy if you know where to shop.  Try some of the aforementioned cheap log cabin decorating ideas and transform your home into the woodland lodge of your dreams.

6 thoughts on “5 Amazingly AFFORDABLE Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

  1. I really like the look of this cabin furniture! My wife and I have been thinking about getting a cabin for quite some time; however, we do not really know what location! We are in love with the way that it looks and the natural wood look! Thanks for the help!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awh! I really love looking through these cabin style home decor pictures. I just bought a cabin to lease out to tourists but I need some decorations for it. I really like the curtain ideas you showed with the bears! I need to show my husband these cabin style decor items.


  3. Oh my gosh, I need to find those moose print curtains for my dad. His dream is to live in a cabin and lodge decor is his jam (next best thing to being a hermit in the mountains). Looks like I know what I’ll be getting him for Christmas! Now to find it online.


    1. Hi Joy, we’re glad you found something you liked in our article. If cabin/country decor is what your dad likes, we have a lot of things to choose from. One note is that the valance in the article is currently sold out, but another similar style valance is the Woodland Moose & Bear Window Valance, Item #39612. We hope that helps!


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