9 Cold Weather Solutions to Keep You Warm

A lot of us are getting tired of the cold and the snow and we’re all wondering when the winter season will be over.  That’s why we’ve provided several cold weather solutions to help keep you warm.  Also, with these cold temps, don’t forget to also check on friends and relatives that they are in a safe, warm place.

Carry an Emergency Kit

  1. Whether the weather is cold or not, we should all check to make sure we have an emergency kit in our cars.  One of the things to consider is this Roadside Emergency Tool Kit Set- 30pc which has a number of things that are important to keep handy in your car.  Visit www.ready.gov to get a more detailed list of other items that are important to keep on hand during extreme weather conditions.

Cold Weather Solutions for your Car

2.  During the winter, make it a little easier to clean off your car by using this magnetic car windshield cover. It keeps the snow off your windshield during the winter and bird droppings in the spring/summer. It’s also great for keeping your car cooler on hot summer days.

3.  If you’ve ever had your car door lock freeze, you know how incredibly upsetting and frustrating it can be to try to pry open your car door with no luck. That’s why we think it’s important to have this lighted car de-icer keychain with you.  This nifty little device will help you thaw your lock in seconds.

Don’t Slip on the Ice

4.  When the temperatures are cold outside and it’s snowing, you might not notice if there’s ice on the sidewalks or not.  When you are walking outside, you never know where the ice patches could be.  These simple slip resistant shoe spikes are a great way to grip the ice instead of relying on your regular boots.  Keep them in your purse when going out and slip them on when walking outside.

Or, you may want to try these slip resistant full boots.

Keep all Extremities Covered

5.  Head- from the beginning of time, moms have drilled into our heads that when it’s cold, you need to wear a hat, gloves, and scarf when it’s cold.  Now, as adults, we can put that message to good use.  Here are a couple of suggestions to help keep you warm outside.

One of the quickest ways to get cold is to not wear a hat.  Without covering your head with a hat, a lot of your body heat escapes through the top of your head.  We have a selection of winter hats in different colors and styles to suite every taste.  One of our favorite looks is the fashionable and fashion-forward look created by mixing and matching these winter items.

6.  Gloves- if you’ve been outside shoveling or if you’ve just run out to the store; you’ll notice that anytime you spend outside in the cold without gloves will make your fingers freeze.  We only have 10 digits and you want to keep them all intact.

Why not choose a pair of gloves that allow you your fingers to actually come out when needed and then back into the glove when they’re not.  These gloves are called convertible mittens.  You won’t have to hassle pulling your gloves on and off when you need to use your fingers outside.  Simply flip the top back to use your fingers and pull the top back over and to cover them up again.

7. Waterproof Gloves- when you’re working outside in the cold, keep  your hands warm and dry with these waterproof gloves.

8.  Scarves- we offer several types of scarfs that are sure to keep your face and neck warm.  Some scarves even come in more than one color.  Check out the different styles and colors online at www.collectionsetc.com.

Keeping it Warm Inside

9. Cold weather solutions aren’t just about staying warm outside.  We also want you to stay warm and cozy inside.  If you need to take the chill out of a room, turn on a heater to warm it up quickly.  Click here to check out our selection of heaters. (show pics of heaters)

Speaking of keeping your home warm, it’s a good idea to check and make sure there are no cold drafts entering your home.  When that happens, you lose precious heat, your furnace works harder, and it expends more energy.  Here are a couple other suggestions on how to keep the cold out of your house.  If you’d like more information, click on this link.

  • Replace dirty air filters- when your filters are dirty, the amount of air flow into your home gets restricted and makes it harder for the furnace to keep up.
  • Check your attic insulation- make sure you have at least 12-18 inches of insulation in your attic. It acts as a barrier between your warm home and the cold outside.
  • Keep your thermostat at one temperature- although you might think it doesn’t make sense to keep the thermostat at one temperature, it’s actually better because the furnace won’t have to spend twice the amount of energy in the morning getting the house warm again.
  • Use heavy curtains to block the draft- unless your windows are insulated, you might have miniature pockets of cold air coming into your home from your windows. We suggest having a curtain that provides insulation from the heat and the cold and to keep the cold drafts from coming inside..

  • Layer your bed with blankets or quilts- using one or two warm blankets will keep you toasty at night and and keep the chill off you shoulders during the day.

  • Choose warm food and drinks –a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate are good beverages to choose from when you’re cold. Use an insulated mug to keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours. For something to eat, try a bowl of hot soup to warm you up.

Cold weather by itself is fine if you’re inside looking out the window.  It’s also fine if you’re bundled up so you don’t really feel the cold.  In fact, we have more ideas about what to wear in the cold weather in our other blog article, called “Winter Accessories.”  Check it out by clicking here.  Be smart, be safe, and take the proper precautions with you when travelling.  Enjoy the rest of winter!

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