5 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Here is our list of favorite reasons why you should hang up your holiday outdoor lights now rather than later.

  1. If you hung up your outdoor holiday lights last year in the midst of freezing temperatures and below zero wind chills, don’t repeat that experience again. Get started early.
  2. The best deals are now! Get them while you can.
  3. If you like to decorate with items of the same theme, ordering early will allow you to find similar items that will match.
  4. There are many designs and styles to choose from to fit every budget…be among the first to choose your favorites from our vast selection.
  5. Add some outdoor holiday cheer to welcome friends and family.
  6. If you get your holiday lights up now, you’ll have more time to appreciate the beauty of your outdoor lighted décor.
  7. When holiday season kicks in, you won’t have to do anything else except appreciate looking at the outdoor lights.
  8. You’ll have plenty of time to order additional pieces if you want to add to your current selection of lights.
  9. When the first snow falls, your lights will look magical as they sparkle and twinkle in the night.
  10. You’ll have one task completed that you can cross off your “Honey-Do list”.

Outdoor Holiday Lights Galore!

If you’d like to find a simple and easy solution to hanging up your holiday lights, then we have the perfect answer for you.  The Star Shower Laser Light is the simplest way to illuminate your entire home.  It projects thousands of spectacular sparkling stars onto any surface, by placing it anywhere in your yard and plugging it in.  In no time at all, your house will be beautifully lit up with holiday lights.  Give this a try…you won’t be disappointed!


We have several types of holiday garden light stakes and festive string lights that you can use to decorate your home that are cute, charming and traditional.  You’ll find brand new, outdoor lighting décor that will fit every budget.  Turn your outside yard into a winter wonderland, complete with charming gingerbread light houses surrounded by sweet candy cane lights.

All Aboard!  Don’t leave without catching the snowman express train.  These adorable snowmen conductors are a charming way to light the way to your front door.  Place Mr. Snowman near the front door where he will be happy to “Welcome” you home.

NEW Hanging Holiday String Lights!

Whenever we see anything with a remote control we get excited.  If it means we don’t have to step outside in the cold to turn the lights on and off, then we’re in favor of that.

These brand new LED icicle string lights come in two colors; either cool blue or crystal clear.  They will catch your eye while their lovely illumination lights up your house.  Grab these while you can because they’ll go fast.

Traditional Holiday Lights

Create a classic holiday look by using these traditional string lights.  They’ll add a pop of color to your home with these bright colors:  blue, red, orange, yellow, and green.

Candy Cane Fantasy

If you’ve been searching for sweet holiday décor, look no further!  Let your mind soar with the endless possibilities of how to decorate for the holidays using whimsical candy cane decorations.  You’ll wish you had a jar full of candy canes after you’re done.

Get those Trees Lit Up!

When decorating the outside of your house, don’t forget your trees.  Try these tree trunk lights that wrap around your tree.  They’re easy to hang and they are about 8 ft. high.  Some neighborhoods will coordinate the color of their tree lights by each block.  Wouldn’t these look great color in your neighborhood?

Take a look through the rest of the website to see what else we have for outdoor decorating décor. You’ll find new products and traditional favorites sure to suit every decorating style.  We look forward to helping you with your outdoor holiday décor selections.

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