How to Create a Welcoming Table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner and enjoying time with your family and indulging in good food are likely on your menu.  You can bring the whole Thanksgiving experience together by setting a beautiful and stylish table that will include the stunning colors of fall.

Try a simple but inviting look for your table by combining a beautiful embroidered autumn leaf table runner. The beautiful beige runner with burgundy and gold leaves and berries is an invitation to sit down and share a meal. A pair of decorative autumn leave flameless candles  and a Thanksgiving turkey candle holder with acrylic beads that sparkle will give a lovely glow to your table. This idea is simple, but it exudes warmth and charm.

Warm and Charming Thanksgiving Table Setting

Classic Thanksgiving Table Setting

If you’re looking for a bold and sophisticated look; try using a rich, chocolate brown tablecloth, with sage green and burgundy leaves to add a hint of elegance. Add some gold LED candles or a pretty LED wine bottle to complete this classic look.

Dessert “Sweets” Table

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! On your sweets table, mix it up a little by serving chocolate (or caramel) fondue with fresh fruit, marshmallows or pretzels.  Don’t forget to add some of the traditional Thanksgiving desserts, such as pumpkin, apple or pecan pie.

Thanksgiving is a time when we can count our blessings and thoughtfully reflect on the joy of having family in our lives.  While the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, rolls and cranberry sauce are no doubt delicious, being together as a family is what’s important, no matter what you are serving.  On this day, when there’s football to be watched, cooking to be done, games to be played and food to be eaten, take a look around the room; as these are the special moments of you’ll have for a lifetime.

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