15 Creative Ideas on How to Decorate your Pumpkin for Halloween

You have probably noticed that your local grocery stores and garden centers are already overflowing with pumpkins.  Here are some ideas for using pumpkins as fall decorations.

If you’re interested in doing more than just carving a pumpkin with a scary Halloween face, then you’ll love these clever ideas on pumpkin decorating. By using a little imagination and creativity, you’ll see how simple and easy it is to dress up a “boring, old, orange” pumpkin.

Fantastic Front Porch Pumpkin Decorations

If you want to get the prize in the neighborhood for most creative pumpkins; here’s the way to do it. Simply choose a pumpkin and place into a pumpkin holder. It’s a fun and easy way to decorate your front porch as you greet your friends and family at the front door.  Another bonus feature of these grouped pumpkin holders is that their eyes light up.  How spooky for when it gets dark!

Cleverly Decorated Character Pumpkins

Another way to decorate your pumpkin is to make a character from a movie.  For example, you can decorate your own Olaf “type” pumpkin.  This could serve as inspiration for many other types of characters you can create, like “The Cat in the Hat” and “Cinderella.” (Sources at bottom).

If you have a “no carve” pumpkin rule in your house, yet you still want to decorate a pumpkin, we found a great example of how to achieve this at LiaGriffith.com.  Use a selection of paints to turn your ordinary pumpkins into a black cat, fox or owl or any other woodland creature you can think of.  Cut out pieces of felt for the eyes, ears, tail, etc to give your pumpkin character.  Find directions here.

Another way to decorate a pumpkin that you might not have heard of is by using decorative Duck Tape. This idea from Sheena Tatum at Sophistishe.com shows how easy it is to create a one-of-a-kind pumpkin, simply by choosing the color and design from a roll of tape. If you are interested in learning more, you can find the directions here.

Fall Table Centerpieces

Here is a fantastic idea from Hip2Save, on how to create beautiful fall table centerpieces using items you might already have at home.  Look around for fall décor items like leaves, acorns, containers or Halloween baskets that could use an image upgrade (real pumpkins would work as well).  Then apply one to two coats of gold spray paint and let dry thoroughly.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create your very own, unique centerpiece.

Having a DIY fall project can be a fun experience, especially when you have created a matching centerpiece that picks up the colors from your home.  For example, this lovely lighted pumpkin centerpiece can be made using either real or craft pumpkins.

Simply spray paint the pumpkins in a color that goes with your décor and carve out the top of the pumpkin to fit the candle (candles can be found here).  Instructions can be found at Under the Table and Dreaming.

Here is another example of how using a different set of accessories can create a different look on your table.  By using items from the outdoors, as well as color, fabric, textures and scents, you’ll have endless ways to create your own unique fall centerpiece!

There is something to be said for the traditionally classic look for your table.  Not everyone wants to do a DIY project and that’s okay.  If you’re more interested in having a timeless centerpiece on your table, place this Autumn Pumpkin Hurricane Candleholder on your table and use this lovely Mixed Fall Leaves Table Linens.

Looking for a centerpiece that looks and feels like it fits in with nature?  Try this idea from AmandaJaneBrown.com.   By using glass hurricanes and candles, leaves and popcorn kernels, you’ll have a rustic, country centerpiece that is warm and welcoming.  Click here for directions.

Cool Candy Containers

There’s nothing wrong with using a normal kitchen plastic bowl to hand out candy on Halloween.  You can also use a regular bowl to hold candy before and after Halloween.  However, this cute idea from Under the Table and Dreaming is a fun family project.  Paint these character pumpkins shown below or create your own characters.  For easier carving, use pumpkins from your local craft store.

Pumpkin Decorations on the Mantel

One of the most visually appealing locations in your home is your fireplace mantel.  It is a great place to decorate for holidays because the decorations stand out so well.   This LED Lighted Fall Floral Garland is an impressive array of autumn colored leaves, pumpkins and berries.  When combined with the LED Autumn Glass Pumpkin, it looks stunning!

We did a double take at this cute and surprisingly easy-to-make pumpkin village from Country Living.  Start by painting the houses and buildings black and cut out the windows so you can expose the glow from a candle.  You are only limited by your creativity in how you decide to accessorize your village.  To create dimension, vary the heights of your pumpkins and use different textures to make it visually interesting.

If you remember when you were a kid, pumpkin decorating basically included one or two pumpkins, a pumpkin face carved on it and a candle that glowed from inside.  Pumpkin decorating has come a long way since that time and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg with the ideas that we’ve mentioned above.  There is no limit on the ideas you can use when you decorate and accessorize your pumpkin, so have fun decorating!

Please make sure to share some of your pumpkin creations with us.  We’d love to see your creative designs!

(Sources: Olaf without head- source unknown, Dr. Seuss-source unknown, Cinderella pumpkin- source: Instagram @katlynparker21, and other Olaf- source: http://www.thebubblybay.com)

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