Labor Day – A Day of Rest and Relaxation for All American Workers

Labor Day is a time to say thank you to every hard worker out there, so we want to send a big shout out to all of you!  Congress passed the act to make Labor Day a federal holiday in 1896, and since then we have all had a day to take a break from the work day routine.

Labor Day is about giving credit to all the workers who get up every day to go to work.  Your personal contributions, sacrifices and achievements in the workplace are worthy of recognition.  There are dozens of ways you’ve stepped up to the plate, such as, staying late at work to help finish a project, solving a customer service problem or helping clean up a mess no one else wanted to do.  These are a few examples of the “unsung” efforts that millions of workers do every day and we want to say thank you for all that you do!

With Labor Day considered as the “last” day of summer, have you decided on what you’ll do on this day off?  Will you attend a pool party, barbecue with friends or watch the fireworks in your neighborhood?  Maybe some of you will try to tackle a “honey do” list (or not), or you might choose to spend the day lounging around.  However you decide to spend this time, sit back and enjoy a well deserved day of rest.  Should you find, however, that one of your ways of relaxing is shopping, then don’t miss our incredible sale on Monday!


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