TRANSFORM Your Home into an Enchanting Seaside Cottage

Imagine the sound of the ocean waves as they lap against the beach, the scent of the ocean and how invigorating it smells; then imagine how your toes feel when they sink into the sand.  While we can’t all live near the beach in a quaint, seaside cottage; we can still bring that feeling into our own homes.  Whether you use charming knick-knacks, wall décor, bedroom and bathroom accessories or something else, let us show you how you can change a home into an enchanting seaside cottage retreat.

To set the stage for a seaside cottage retreat, we found that cool, coastal colors work best.  We came up with a few popular color palettes that would work well to create that beachside feeling.

Tranquil Blue

Soft, cool, blue colors are peaceful and relaxing.  If you’d like a tranquil feeling in your home, then focus on selecting blue colors that mimic the colors of the sea, like sage green, smoky gray, and Baltic blue.  Look for products that offer a healthy dose of white so you can attain that soft beach style.  You’ll find how quickly you can transform your home into a beach retreat when it’s decorated with sea shells, starfish and other sea creatures.

One example of how to do this is by using this beautiful, coastal, seashell table topper. It is perfect to use as a side table in the bedroom or in the living room.  Add your own personal touch by placing family photos on it or use it to highlight the treasures you’ve found in the sea.

When it’s time to go to sleep, snuggle under the Beach Bliss Coastal Seashell Quilt with the matching bed sheets.  A surprise bonus is that the comforter is reversible, so you can get two looks for the price of one!  When you’re ready for a different look, just flip the quilt over and you’ll see the same soft blue colors in a striped pattern.  Complete the look by adding a beautiful coastal shell table linen next to your bed.

Sandy Beach Beige

If you want to achieve a playful, fun, beach look for your home, then use colors that are warm, creamy, and sandy.  After you’ve finished selecting the main colors that you want to use for this theme, try adding a few pieces of wall art that you like to make the room feel cozy and comfortable.

Use decorations on the wall that are beach related and fun, like the pair of nautical seaside dolphins, the inspirational coastal seashell wall art and the beach heart shaped shell wreath.  If you need some help hanging up the wall art, then check out this article on our blog (link coming) with some handy tips.

Coral Mango

For another coastal look, you can use coral colors, like those below, for inspiration in creating a quaint and charming seaside cottage.  This pretty color combination incorporates shades of orange sherbet, chocolate brown and sky blue and looks warm and inviting in a bedroom.

The soft cream and seashell colors have a flirty, feminine feeling to it that highlights the dainty ruffles on the bed and curtains.  This kind of décor works nicely for rental home owners who want to have a stylish, beachy cottage look that looks expensive, but isn’t.

A few more decorations will complete the quaint cottage look, such as the seashell wreath, matching seashell towels and a seaside floral table decoration.

Use the color palettes above to create your own harmonious seaside atmosphere or use them for inspiration for your own decorating style.  Whether your seaside retreat is near the water or in a city condo, use your imagination to pull together a look that is relaxing and tranquil.

Send us your pictures of your own coastal cottage or post a picture in the comments to share with our readers.

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