Incredibly EASY Patriotic Party Ideas for the Fourth of July!

Incredibly EASY Patriotic Party Ideas for the Fourth of July!

Grab your friends and neighbors and host a spectacular 4th of July party!  Wouldn’t it be great to host a party that is easy to prepare for; where the decorating is easy and the majority of your time can be spent with your guests?  If it will be hot where you’re having the party, consider a pool party if you’re fortunate enough to own one.

Whether your party is indoors or out, we have party decoration ideas and we’ll give you insider tips on how to make this party unforgettable!

July 4th Pool Party Decorations

Fourth of July weekend is a festive and fun time.  Don’t spend all of your time looking for decorations.  Look for any red, white and blue fabrics you own and display those on the tables or out on the patio.  Show off your patriotic side, by hanging a beautifully lighted American flag on your house.

If sparkles aren’t your thing, then use the classic American flag with pole.

Patriotic Solar Lighting

You can find solar lighting in a multitude of colors and styles.  For July 4th, showcase your American spirit by using patriotic rope lights, which are flexible enough they can adapt to any shape, like around a railing.

Combine your hanging string lights with these miniature fiber optic, red, white and blue garden stakes that look like mini-fireworks .  You can set them to blink or to stay on continuously.

Table Decorations to Celebrate Independence Day!

Set up one main table to showcase your beautiful table topper decorations.  Continue to decorate your other tables with a 4th of July theme, but on a smaller scale.  However you decide to decorate your tables, remember to keep the decorations in the middle so there’s still enough room for food and drinks.

You can use tablecloths with patriotic designs to make every table look festive! Try the Americana red, white, blue star table linens or the fitted elastic star pattern table cover.

Select a cute decoration for your table by adding a couple of these adorable LED Americana Stars and Stripes Lantern.

If you enjoy DIY projects, you’ll have fun creating this quick and easy patriotic project for your tables.

Source:  AllYou

Favorite July 4th Grilled Foods

What’s a Fourth of July weekend without hamburgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob?  These items are easy for your guests to carry and won’t take a lot of effort to prepare.  If you keep your menu simple, you’ll have more time to socialize with your guests.  You might want to check out these nifty grilling tools so you can feed your guests quickly and effectively.

Depending on how many kids are at the party, this fun Curl a Dog Hot Dog Slicer will have all the kids asking you to cook up their hot dogs this way.

Keep your utensils handy for your guests to find.  This adorable picnic tractor condiment holder conveniently holds your utensils, plates and condiments from falling over on the table or getting blown away by the wind.

These handy patriotic ramekins are great for storing condiments, snacks or mini desserts.  Spread them out on your tables for your guests to serve themselves.  The lids that come with the ramekins are a great feature to have, as they will keep the bugs off too.

Pool Party Thirst Quenchers

Food and beverages go hand in hand, so spend some time figuring out how many beverages you’ll need for all of your guests.  Double-check that you will have enough water bottles on hand.  If you prefer, you could also have a couple water stations for your guests to refill their cups.  For other drinks, lemonade and ice tea are a great thirst quenchers for kids and adults.

Keep all your drinks refreshingly cool by keeping them in coolers outside.  Label each cooler so your guests can quickly find the type of drink they want.  If there are other drinks you want to keep cool at your table, this cute LED color changing ice bucket is perfect, especially when the multicolored LED lights are flashing in the dark.

Patriotic Pool Party Fun & Games

You can’t have a Fourth of July Party without any games.  Having a couple games planned before your party will eliminate any last minute searching for game pieces that are scattered throughout your garage. It will also occupy your guest’s time before the food is ready to be served and before the fireworks begin.

July 4th Party Games for the Adults

Cornhole is a classic game for summertime fun.  It’s a game when one person at a time tries to throw a bean bag into another cornhole across from them.   You can add a patriotic touch, by using bean bags designed with the colors of the American flag.

Another great game we found that we liked was Giant Jenga.  This will require some extra effort on your part to prepare, but we guarantee you’ll have fun playing the adult size version of Jenga.

Source: abeautifulmess

4th of July Activities for KIDS

As a child, do you remember how paints and chalk kept you happily entertained for hours?  The same thing works for kids today when you give them paint (you’ll have to take away their smartphone first).  But instead of simply painting random things on the ground, grab the kids and ask for their help in decorating the outside of the house by painting stars on the sidewalks and driveway.  To begin, find a piece of cardboard and cut out a star stencil.  Grab some green tape (the kind that will come up easily), tape down the stars on the pavement and paint them with patriotic colors.

Source:  Mom Inspired Life

Stay Cool in the Sun with Water Fun

Having a pool or water slide is a lifesaver for the Fourth of July weekend.  A dip in the pool is a sure way to cool off, but these new water toys will also do the trick.  One is the Grand Slam Baseball Water Slide Game and the other is the Kids Water Slide and Pool.  Kids can have fun while staying cool, which is a win-win recipe for both the kids and adults.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.  We know with delicious food, party games and staying cool in the pool, your party will be a huge success!  Remember to have fun and stay safe!


-kg 6/2016

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