How to Hang Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Wrought iron can be a tasteful addition to your interior decorating. The intricate patterns often found in wrought iron wall art can add a sophisticated look to your living space. If you are searching for lightweight, easy-to-hang wrought iron wall decor, Collections Etc. is the place to find a great selection. However, sometimes these eye-catching metal pieces can be heavier and a bit more challenging to hang. Let’s examine the proper ways to hang wrought iron wall decor without damaging your wall or causing injury to yourself.

Lightweight, Easy-To-Hang Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Collections Etc. specializes in lightweight iron wall art that is simple to hang. For example, the Butterfly with Crystal Metal Wall Art Decor comes with key holes for hanging with nails. First, hold the piece against the wall where you want it to hang and use a pencil to mark the spots where the key hole notches lay against the wall. Then, hammer the nails in one at a time and hang the piece on the nails.

Hanging Heavier Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Find the Stud in Your Wall

If you try to hang a heavy decorative piece of art directly on your drywall or plaster, the result will often be damage to your wall when the piece inevitably falls. The solution is to hang the art from one of the structural studs behind the wall. To do this, find the stud in your wall with a stud detector. If you do not have a stud detector there is another way to find the studs. Walls in conventional construction have a 2”x4” stud every “16 inches on center:” 16 inches from the center of one stud support is the center to the next stud. By measuring from the internal corner of a wall you can locate the center of each stud down the wall.

Select the Appropriate Hanging Mechanism

Most heavy wrought iron pieces require toggle bolts or expansion anchors to keep them up without damaging the wall. Hammer an expansion bolt, also known as a molly bolt, into the wall, and use a screwdriver to turn the bolt clockwise. After it stops turning, you will need to turn it back counter-clockwise to secure the expansion mechanism inside the wall. If you’re installing a toggle bolt, the first step is to drill a small hole into the wall at the right spot. Then you tap the bolt into place with a hammer. The toggles should go firmly through the hole. Once the bolt is in place, tighten it with a screwdriver to expand the toggles.

Protect Yourself from Injury

There are several steps that you want to take to protect yourself from injury when lifting any heavy object. Keep a wide base of support. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other (karate stance). You will need to squat down, bending at the hips and knees only. Make sure to maintain good posture. Look straight ahead, and keep your back straight, your chest out, and your shoulders back. This helps keep your upper back straight while having a slight arch in your lower back. Slowly lift by straightening your hips and knees (not your back). Keep your back straight and do not twist as you lift. Hold the wall decor as close to your body as possible, at the level of your belly button. Use your feet to change direction, taking small steps. Use a step ladder if you are placing the decor over your head. If you can, ask a friend to help you. One can hold the wall art while the other installs the hanging mechanisms.

Metal Wall Decor Galore


While any wrought iron wall decor piece is a great addition to your living space there are many other types of metal wall decor that add flavor to your home.  The Metallic Sun Wall Art radiates oranges, yellows, and greens. Hang it on your patio to brighten the exterior of your home. If you’d like to give your home a nature inspired feel, try this Butterfly Wall Art Trio. An item that fits well with a Coastal Decor theme is the Sea Dolphins Tropical Wall Art.

Learning how to properly hang wrought iron wall decor will protect yourself from injury and your wall from damage. By following the aforementioned steps, you will have the confidence and know-how to decorate your house with as many delightful wrought iron pieces as you see fit. Make sure to check out our Scrolling Live Laugh Love Metal Wall Art, Butterfly with Crystal Metal Wall Art Decor, or Dream Hanging Metal Wall Decor if you are looking to add to your collection of iron wall art. Happy decorating!

5 thoughts on “How to Hang Wrought Iron Wall Decor

  1. I am an interior decorator and have a client who wants to attach a large and very heave piece of wrought iron to one of her interior walls.

    Whether we put the screws into the stud or use toggle bolts.. I still need to know how to attach the HEAVY wall hanging so that it will be secure.

    I do not want it simply balancing on a couple of screws. This is California.. one good shake could send it tumbling. What would you suggest to keep it attached securely to the wall?

    I tried a rope guide.. but it sticks out past the wrought iron. Any ideas?


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