Incredible Gift Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss for Father’s Day in 2016!

This year will be the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day which falls on June 19th in 2016.  It’s a day that dads and father figures get to kick back, watch a favorite sporting event, take a long nap, or do whatever it is they choose!

Father’s Day began when Sonora Smart Dodd, decided in 1916 that she wanted to honor her single dad for singlehandedly raising her and her five siblings and doing a great job.

For the first Father’s Day, girls handed out red roses to their dads to pin onto their lapels.  Father’s Day has become a popular holiday that is widely celebrated. A little bit of trivia that you may not know is that Father’s Day was not even a permanent holiday until President Richard Nixon made a presidential proclamation in 1972.

What is it that makes your dad special?  It could be anything from helping you learn how to fix a flat tire to showing you how to throw the perfect pitch!  In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to share with you what some of our readers said about their dads.

“My Dad always told me that the luckiest people he knows, works the hardest.  It’s true, a good career does not come from luck but from working hard.” – Jen S., Chicago

“I always credit my dad with my business success.  I was quite good at math as a child because he taught me how to play cards, and along with that how to add up numbers quickly without paper and pencil, and how to calculate the probability of getting the card I wanted.  Those skills serve me well every day!” – Kim H, Chicago

“My dad gave me the greatest gift in the world… he believed in me, encouraged me to be great and really saw me for who I am. In the short six years they had together, he did the same for my daughter who is still reaping the benefits of the wonderful impact a “papa” can have on his granddaughter.” – Natasha K., Schaumburg, IL

It’s wonderful to know that every third Sunday of June is a day that we can show our appreciation to our dads or other father figures.  We have pulled together a marvelous selection of Father’s Day gifts to show you.  We’re sure you’ll find something here that will fit your dad’s personality or interests.  Check out some of our most popular Father’s Day gifts!

 King of the Grill

If your dad loves to grill, then he’ll love all these nifty grilling accessories!  Grab a grill cover with his favorite football team, so he can  show his team pride  while making a feast for the family.

He’ll be able to quickly and easily grill up all types of food with the corn grilling basket, the all purpose grill basket and the sausage grilling basket.  When he’s ready to throw the steaks on, he can use these handy steak thermometers to grill the food to perfection.

If he decides he’d like to be able to cook up some veggies too, the Miracle Grill Mat can help with that. It will help keep the grill clean and stop food from falling between the grates.

Father’s Day FOOTBALL All Day

During football season, some dads fully enjoy watching football so much, that time ceases to exist.  Why not hang this NFL clock with his favorite football team next to the TV, so he can keep better track of the time.  Better yet, try placing the wall clock in an office or garage and make that space a little more personalized for dad.

Whether your dad wants to advertise his football preferences out on the front lawn or not, this charming football team logo tree face will make you smile every time you see him.  You can choose from six football teams.

Speaking of charming, we have the most adorable football gnomes you’ve ever seen!  Yes, it’s a Father’s Day gift, and although it sounds girlish to get excited about this cute football garden gnome, we suggest you buy the football gnome for him and then put it in the garden for you!

If you’d like something a little less adorable, but still visually appealing, then try hanging this football flag outside.  You can choose from seven different teams. 

Take Me out to the Ball Game

We’ve discussed some delightful gifts for dads who like to grill and watch football.  However, if baseball is more of your dad’s thing, then don’t miss out on this vintage looking baseball t-shirt and grill cover (select one of the four covers).

What you Always Needed and Never Knew you Wanted

The Lazer Bond UV Light Repair Tool is one of those items that everybody wants.  Especially for men who enjoy fixing things, home repairs around the house can get done quickly and efficiently.  The Lazer Bond works with practically anything, like porcelain, leather, copper, plastic, vinyl and more!

There are a lot of things our dads do that aren’t glamorous or exciting (like killing spiders), but they’re there when you need a pep talk, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to listen.  For those dads who kick butt every day, we hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day!

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