9 Tips that can IMMEDIATELY Transform your Home into a Shining Example of Patriotic Pride

Memorial Day is fast approaching and July 4th is not far behind.  Whether or not you’re having a big party or you just want to show your patriotic pride, we have nine fantastic tips that will help give your home an updated, festive patriotic look.

1- Proudly Display the American Flag

If you could only select one item to display on Memorial Day or July 4th, we would suggest the tangle free American Flag and flag pole.  The unique tangle free design means that your flag will not wrap around the pole every time the wind blows.  You can also use the pole for other holiday flags and banners.  See what a few of our other customers said about this flag pole.

“Got tired of our flags always ending up wrapped up on the pole. This one is great. It never wraps around itself even in winds. It has been very durable also. I would buy one of these again when this one wears out.”  Lynn, Sacramento, CA

“This product is great! I was so tired of unwrapping my old flag and the wind is very strong here in Az. No matter how windy, this flag does not tangle. I love it! – Marybelle, Flagstaff, Az.”

2- Outdoor Patriotic Bunting

A quick and easy way to show your patriotism is to hang this Patriotic American Flag Bunting.  Offered in the traditional and the vintage style, it can be placed on a porch, deck or fence.  It’s a quick and easy way to show off your patriotic spirit!

3- Create a Patriotic Background for your Home

A fun way to decorate the outside of your home at night is to use the Star Shower Patriot light which projects thousands of tiny red and blue stars, simply by plugging it in and staking it into the ground.  A light sensor will automatically turn them off.

Hint: If you had the chance to use the Star Shower Christmas Lights, then you’ll love the patriotic colors of the Star Shower Patriot.

4- Brighten-Up your Door or Wall with the Colors Red, White and Blue

Hang a patriotic wreath on your door to let friends and family know of your patriotic pride.  You can choose heart-shaped and round wreaths and each one is styled differently to suit your decorating taste.

5- Let your Patriotic Side SHINE!

There are some fantastic ideas for using decorative, patriotic lighting around your house.  Start with lining a pathway with the Lighted Americana Star Pathway Stakes.  These patriotic red, white and blue stars look lovely next to any pathway. You can also try the Patriotic Red, White and Blue Rope Light which is easy to wrap around railings or fences.

6- Add a Splash of Fiber Optics

These colorful, patriotic, fiber-optic garden stakes look like mini red, white and blue fireworks.  These are solar powered, but they can be set to blink or stay on continuously.  If you’re thinking about having a party, try using these fiber-optic stakes around your patio for a nice, warm glow.

7- Wind Spinners Twirling in the Wind

Another outdoor decoration that would look festive is to place these wind spinners on your lawn.  The Patriotic Americana Wind Spinners are sure to delight your you and your neighbors on those windy days.  You could also use the Patriotic Star Garden Wind Spinner, which looks impressive when placed near your front door.

8- Terrific Patriotic Table Linens!

Have a party or celebration to show your patriotic pride and set the mood for a patriotic party.  Look for red, white and blue items to decorate with, like these table linens below. They add a fun and festive flair for any patriotic decorating.

9- It’s in the Details

The LED Americana Stars and Stripes lantern will make a nice addition to your picnic table or when hanging from a tree.

These cute patriotic accessories will fit perfectly on any size table, kitchen or shelf.  For summer parties, these decorative accessories will look lovely on any outside table.

We have some adorable patriotic décor and accessories that are perfect for the kitchen.  Add some patriotic flair to you kitchen with this set of quilted Americana chair cushions.  It’s an easy way to get your kitchen ready for upcoming red, white and blue holidays.

For another quick & easy tip to brighten up your kitchen, simply place the charming patriotic porch magnetic cover onto the dishwasher to show your patriotic pride.  If a table centerpiece is more your speed, then don’t miss out on getting the Patriotic Americana Rooster teapot.  The fun red, white and blue stars and shapes make this a fantastic patriotic decoration as well as the prefect teapot to serve tea.

We hope we have given you a good amount of ideas to consider.  Hopefully, with the wide variety of products there are to choose from, you will find something that appeals to your taste, style and budget.  Check out more patriotic items at Collections Etc!

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