51 CLEVER Money Savings Tips from the Experts in 2016

Who doesn’t like saving money? Whether you are just beginning your journey towards becoming money savvy or you’ve been successfully managing your money for years, there’s always something new to learn.

We’re excited about sharing money saving ideas, because we believe at Collections Etc, you should be able to find fun and stylish items without spending a lot of money. By browsing our site, you’ll find that we offer a wide variety of items at great prices with hundreds of items on sale or clearance.

For those regular customers who visit Collections Etc. often, we encourage you to take a look at our Green & Gold program. For one low, yearly fee, you’ll be able to save 10% on your purchases (certain restrictions apply, please click on the link for more details).

If you’d still like to learn how to implement some more new money savings tips without getting overwhelmed, we have a few suggestions for you. Organize the information you have and determine what your goals are. Then, decide what changes you feel you can make right away. Next, evaluate other options that might be a little more difficult, but will have a bigger impact.

Listed below, you’ll find more simple money saving tips that anyone can use! We have gathered the “best of the best” tips from money savvy individuals who know what they’re talking about. These folks bring a great deal of experience and wisdom to share, so you’re sure to find something that will work for you.

1. Research Prices

The key to saving money on purchases is to research price histories and compare prices between merchants. A simple online search will yield price information between top retailers. You can also use websites like www.camelcamelcamel.com, which offers price histories and price-drop notifications for products sold by Amazon.

ShopSavvy is another tool to help compare prices while shopping in store; simply scan the barcode of a product you’re looking at and review a list of local and online prices for that product. With competition between stores and online retailers heating up, many merchants including Target, Walmart and Best Buy will price-match Amazon and other online competitors, so use these tools to receive a price match from store managers.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com
Regular contributor to Denver morning news programs on the topic of saving money and pens a bimonthly column for US News & World Report’s My Money blog.

2. Wait 24 Hours to Buy Non-Essentials

Impulse buys are the bane of American budgets, and retailers are getting smarter about tempting shoppers to make unnecessary purchases through clever displays. The next time you pick something up that’s not on your list or that you otherwise have no real need to buy, wait 24 hours before you make that purchase. The impulse to buy the item often fades pretty quickly after you leave the store. This technique will keep your money in the bank and help you avoid collecting items you don’t need.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

3. Pay yourself First

Waiting until the end of the month to transfer money into savings is not an effective way to build up an emergency fund or savings account. Instead, figure out what amount your budget can put toward savings and transfer the money right after you get paid. Better yet, set up an automatic transfer (weekly or monthly) between your checking and savings account so you always have money going towards your savings goals.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

4. Use an App for Coupons

Shoppers who try to coupon typically list one of two things as barriers: they don’t have time to search and clip coupons, or when they do clip coupons they often forget to bring them on their shopping trip. Coupon apps are the answer to both problems, and our Coupon Sherpa app offers top deals to hundreds of retailers, restaurants and local shops and service providers. Free for Android and iPhone, shoppers simply scan through a list of stores or search for merchants located nearby. Select the store you want and view the coupons. Then present the desired coupon to the cashier to scan or enter the barcode. No clipping, saving or searching needed!

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

5. Receive Automatic Refunds for Price Matches

Comparing prices and request price matches is time consuming, and if you’re shot on time consider using tools like Paribus. This online tool scans receipts in your email and checks current prices for items you’ve purchased. If something you purchased drops in price within a certain timeframe, Paribus will request a refund from the merchant and cut you a check. They receive 25% of your refund for their efforts, but the fee is worth it considering you wouldn’t otherwise receive a dime. Walmart shoppers have a similar tool in the Savings Catcher feature of the Walmart app. Scan your Walmart receipt every time you buy and Walmart scans the circulars of competitors and issues a refund via Walmart e-gift certificate for anything you purchased that’s priced less elsewhere. I use this app and have over $43 in credit accrued.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

6. Withdraw Cash for Discretionary Spending

If you find yourself struggling to rein in your personal spending, withdraw a certain amount in cash to use towards coffee runs, lunch dates, movie matinees and other discretionary purchases. Once the cash is gone, it’s gone. Studies have shown that parting with actual money versus swiping a credit or debit card forces shoppers to think twice about what they’re purchasing.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

7. Earn Cash-Back while Shopping

Online shoppers can earn cash back while shopping online. Ebates is a popular portal for cash-back shopping; it’s free to sign up and all you have to do is log in to Ebates before you shop online. From there, shop online as usual and earn 2% to over 10% cash back at a number of popular online retailers. In-store shoppers can also earn cash back on their grocery purchases by using the Ibotta or Checkout 51 apps, though cash back is limited to the purchase of specific products.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

8. Buy Discount Gift Cards

Discount gift cards represent a money-saving secret among top shopping gurus. You can purchase gift cards at a discount through the secondary gift card market. Use an aggregator site like Gift Card Granny to find the best discount on gift cards from grocery stores, clothing retailers, department stores, auto repair shops and everything in between. You can save anywhere from 5% to over 25% depending on the store. Combine these gift cards with coupons and store sales, and you’ll save big bucks every time you shop.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

9. Stack Coupons for Bigger Savings

Using a coupon for a purchase is a great way to save some money; however, savvy shoppers combine coupons with store sales, discounts and rebates for even bigger savings. Stacking coupons is most common at grocery stores, where shoppers can combine manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons or weekly sales. First, create your shopping list so you’re not tempted to use a coupon on an item you wouldn’t otherwise purchase. Then, look for manufacturer’s coupons in your Sunday circular or online, using a resource like Coupon Sherpa’s grocery coupons page. You can also search for savings by brand, like Tide, Huggies, Kellogg’s and more. Then scan the weekly circulars of grocery stores using websites and apps like Flipp or Retale, and match store sales with manufacturer coupons. It takes some effort but the payoff is worth it!

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

10. Try a “No-Spend” Challenge

Sometimes it takes drastic measures to realize how much money we’re wasting on certain expenditures. A no-spend challenge helps consumers save money while highlighting where much of their discretionary spending goes. You can limit the no-spend challenge to a certain category, like dining or apparel, or widen the challenge to everything that isn’t an essential expense. Check out my recent article on US News about successfully executing a no-spend challenge.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

11. Hack your Budget

Spending less on discretionary purchases saves money, but often at the expense of personal joy! You can save real dollars by hacking your budget, or reducing the cost of recurring expenses (or eliminating them entirely). Take a comprehensive look at everything you pay for on a recurring basis. Call up your providers and ask how you might reduce your bill – cable providers might offer a promotional discount, while insurance companies may match competitor pricing. Also consider how much value you’re receiving from gym memberships, subscription boxes, supplemental insurance and other recurring expenses. Reducing or cutting out these recurring expenses can result in huge monthly savings.

Kendal Perez
Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com

12. Place Landscaping Bricks in your Toilet tank to use Less Water

Place small landscaping bricks (or a water bottle filled with tiny pebbles or stones) in your toilet tank. That means that less water is used on each flush and your water bill will go down.

David Bakke
Contributor to Money Crashers

13. Take Advantage of an Energy Audit

Lots of folks don’t know this, but your energy provider probably offers what’s called an energy audit. When you schedule one, a rep will come to your house, perform a complete inspection, and give you a report listing out the ways that you can reduce that expense. Plus, most of the strategies do not cost a great deal of money to implement.

David Bakke
Contributor to Money Crashers

14. Employ Airbnb when Traveling

The next time you head out for a vacation or business trip; try the website Airbnb for your lodging needs. The rooms and homes listed there are usually less expensive than booking a traditional hotel room.

David Bakke
Contributor to Money Crashers

15. Properly Insulate Your Home

Imagine leaving the windows open all winter long – the energy loss, drafts and wasted energy. Well, if the home has a folding pull-down attic stair, a whole house fan, a fireplace or clothes dryer, that may be just what is occurring in the home every day.

Drafts from these often overlooked holes waste energy in the form of higher energy bills. Drafts are the largest source of heating and cooling loss in the home.

Drafts occur through the small cracks around doors, windows, pipes, etc. Most homeowners are well aware of the benefits that caulk and weather stripping provide to minimize energy loss and drafts.

But what can one do about drafts from the four largest “holes” in your home – the folding attic stair, the whole house fan, the fireplace and the clothes dryer? Here are some tips and techniques that can easily, quickly and inexpensively seal and insulate these holes.

Attic Stairs:

When attic stairs are installed, a large hole (approximately 10 square feet) is created in the ceiling. The ceiling and insulation that were there have to be removed, leaving only a thin, unsealed, sheet of plywood.

The attic space is ventilated directly to the outdoors. In the winter, the attic space can be very cold, and in the summer it can be very hot. And what is separating your conditioned house from the unconditioned attic? That thin sheet of plywood.

Often a gap can be observed around the perimeter of the attic door. Try this: at night, turn on the attic light and shut the attic stairway door — is any light coming through?

If there is, heated and air-conditioned air is leaking out of these large gaps in the home 24-hours a day. This is like leaving a window or skylight open all year ‘round.

An easy, low-cost solution to this problem is to add an insulated attic stair cover. An attic stair cover seals and insulates the stairs, stopping drafts and energy loss. Add the desired amount of insulation over the cover to restore the insulation removed from the ceiling and to meet the new Code requirements.

Whole House Fans:

Much like attic stairs above, when whole house fans are installed, a large hole (up to 16 square feet or larger) is created in your ceiling. The ceiling and insulation that were there have to be removed, leaving only the drafty ceiling shutter between you and the outdoors.

An easy, low-cost solution to this problem is to add a whole house fan shutter seal. Made from white textured flexible insulation, the shutter seal is installed over the ceiling shutter, secured with Velcro, and trimmed to fit. The shutter seal can also be used to seal and insulate air conditioning vents, and is easily removed when desired.


Over 100 million homes in North America are constructed with wood or gas burning fireplaces. Unfortunately there are negative side effects that the fireplace brings to a home.

Fireplaces are energy losers! Researchers have studied this to determine the amount of heat and air conditioning loss through a fireplace and the results are amazing. One research study showed that an open damper on an unused fireplace in a well-insulated house can raise overall heating and cooling energy consumption by 30 percent.

A recent study showed that for many consumers, their heating bills may be more than $500 higher per summer due to the drafts and wasted energy caused by fireplaces.

Why does a home with a fireplace have higher energy bills? Your chimney is an opening that leads directly outdoors –just like an open window. Even if the damper is shut, it is not airtight.

Glass doors don’t stop the drafts either. The fireplace is like a giant straw sucking your expensive heated or air-conditioned air right out of your house.

An easy, low-cost solution to this problem is to add a Fireplace Plug to your fireplace. Available from Battic Door, a company known for their energy conservation products, the Fireplace Plug is an inflatable pillow that seals the fireplace damper, eliminating drafts, odors, and noise. The pillow is removed whenever the fireplace is used, then reinserted after.

Clothes Dryer Ducts

In many homes, the room with the clothes dryer is the hottest room in the house. Your clothes dryer is connected to an exhaust duct that is open to the outdoors. In the summer, hot air drafts in through the duct, through your dryer and into your house.

Dryer vents use a sheet-metal flapper to try to reduce these drafts. This flapper is a problem because over time, lint clogs the flapper valve causing it to stay open. And it can be blown open by a cold breeze.

An easy, low-cost solution to this problem is to add a dryer vent seal. This will reduce unwanted drafts, and also keeps out pests, bees and rodents. The vent will remain closed unless the dryer is in use. When the dryer is in use, a floating shuttle rises to allow warm air, lint and moisture to escape.

Mark Tyrol, P.E.
Battic Door Energy Conservation Products

 16.  Learn to Say No

Save money by learning to say no. You don’t have to say yes to every birthday or wedding invitation received. Stop saying yes to every baby shower for co-workers you barely know. Instead, use the money to save for retirement.

Lacey Langford
Accredited Financial Counselor®
B.S in Finance as well as a financial planning education from Duke University

17.  Do Your Homework Before Making a Purchase

Save money by doing your homework. If you want to buy a wireless router, don’t just go out and get the most expensive one; do research to find the best one you can afford. If your friend recommends a person to do work at your house, don’t just take their word, look the person up and check their previous work out. Research helps you save money in the long run.

Lacey Langford
Accredited Financial Counselor®

18. Have a Plan

Having a plan saves you money. It’s good to go with the flow and wing it every once in a while but not having a plan costs you extra money that you could be saving. Are you going on a trip and want to see where the wind takes you? Well, it will probably be to a more expensive hotel because you called last minute and the reasonable prices rooms are full. Plan out the more expensive items to save money and more flexible on things that cost less.

Lacey Langford
Accredited Financial Counselor®

19. Evaluate Past Healthcare Expenses to Help Estimate Future Needs

Many healthy young professionals elect to pay for better health plans that have higher monthly premiums in exchange for lower priced co-pays. In years without a large medical complication, this results in a poor financial decision in exchange for peace of mind. A premium health plan can cost hundreds of dollars more per month per person. This money could be placed in a savings account to pay for healthcare expenses as they arise. Many young professionals are not seeing a physician multiple times each month to justify the higher monthly premium.

Sometimes in-network specialists do not have open appointments for months, so patients end up paying out-of-network physicians to have their concerns addressed expeditiously. Few families analyze their past healthcare expenses to determine which health plan may be the most financially advantageous. I recommend that individuals and families evaluate past healthcare expenses to help estimate their needs and plan for unexpected expenses.

Jared Heathman, MD
Houston Psychiatrist

20. Remove Anything Blocking Air Vents to Save on Energy and Heating Expenses

One of the best power saving tips: removing blockages from air vents. Curtains and furniture usually stop the air flow and circulation. This corresponds with an increase in heating or air conditioning usage. Try to keep them free!

Matthew Mercuri
Digital Marketing Manager

21. Insulate Your Rooms

One of the biggest expenses that homeowners have is their energy bills, and trying to keep your room at a comfortable temperature can be difficult. But instead of paying for air conditioning or extra heating, why not invest in insulation? It’ll help to keep your home at a stable and comfortable temperature, and it isn’t hard or expensive to implement. Most energy is lost through poorly installed windows and doors, and even just repairing these can instantly improve the efficiency of your home.

Sam Williamson
KBHomeSpecialists Glasgow

22. Look for Versatile Products and Get Multiple Looks for the Price of One

Another idea on how to put your money to practical use is to buy products that will give you two looks for the price of one. For example, this reversible bedroom comforter has a pattern on one side and a solid color on the other side so you can easily change the look of a bedroom.

23. Learn to Budget

Embrace the “B” word: learn the art of tracking your expenses through journaling/ beware of debt – avoid fees, fines, and fraud/ learn to say no/ determine daily disposable income.

Alice Wood
Author of the educational handbook “Saving is Sexy: Changing the Way Young Women Look at Money”
Current president of The Wealth Watchers Foundation

24. Learn to Invest in Yourself

Spend less money than you have – buy a good coffee mug/ water bottle, and lunch bag.

Alice Wood
Author of the educational handbook “Saving is Sexy: Changing the Way Young Women Look at Money”

25. Save 10 and 10


Save 10 and 10 – put 10% of everything you earn into a retirement account and another 10% into savings.

Alice Wood
Author of the educational handbook “Saving is Sexy: Changing the Way Young Women Look at Money”

26. Cook in Large Batches

Cook in large batches with the intent of freezing in small meal sizes for future meals. Not only does this save on time, but because you’ll have to plan ahead, it will significantly cut down on food waste, saving you money.

John Turner
CEO/Founder of QuietKit which provides guided meditation for beginners (for free).

27. Be Efficient with Fuel

One of my favorite ways to save money is to be efficient when doing things. For instance, when running errands, I make a list of the places I need to go and put the places in order of where they’re located so I’m efficient with fuel.

Stephanie Hackney
Chief Brander & Start-Up Superhero
Branding Masters

28. Don’t Pay for Your Education

My money saving tip is don’t pay for your education, or at least find a scholarship or bursary that will either pay for all your education or a substantial part of your education like your tuition fees or accommodation fees.

There are scholarships based on merit or how clever you are like the Fulbright scholarship or Bill and Melinda Gates scholarship as well as minority scholarships awarded on your heritage like the UNCF scholarship and NAACP scholarship. There are scholarships based on the university you want to go study at, like Harvard University, or the profession you want to enter, like journalism.

Richard Shaw
Manager of www.free-scholarships.co.uk, an information resource for students looking for educational scholarships

29. Clean Your Dryer Vent

Did you know that dirty dryer vents cause 15,000 home fires a year? Yikes! In addition to that risk, it’s costing you money to dry clothes twice just because you haven’t had your vent cleaned in a while. On average, if a homeowner whose dryer typically takes two cycles to dry clothes has their dryer vent professionally cleaned, they can save nearly $150 a year.

Doug Rogers
President of Mr. Appliance, the nation’s leading appliance service provider

30. Switch to Cold Water Washes

Switching to cold water washes when doing your laundry can help you save up to $60 a year. Contrary to popular belief, cold water washes will get your clothes just as clean as a warm wash.

Doug Rogers
President of Mr. Appliance, the nation’s leading appliance service provider

31. Avoid ATMS

Avoid ATMs; not only do they charge fees but also having cash in your pocket may make you more likely to spend it without tracking where you spend it on.

Han Chang
Cofounder of InvestmentZen.com

32. Get a Free Haircut

Get a free haircut; most beauty schools offer free haircuts to let their hair stylist students practice. They still have plenty of experience and you probably won’t even notice the difference, plus you can feel good about helping a student out!

Han Chang
Cofounder of Investment

33. Bring Your Lunch to Work


Bag lunch with a banana and an apple.

Bring your lunch to work instead of eating out; not only is it much more cost effective but you can also eat healthier as well.

Han Chang
Cofounder of InvestmentZen.com

34. Do Bodyweight Exercises Instead of Paying for a Gym

Do bodyweight exercises instead of paying for a gym; it’s just as good if not better and you can exercise anywhere, anytime instead of having to make the commute to the gym that you pay for.

Han Chang
Cofounder of InvestmentZen.com

35. Check Your Tire Air Pressure

Check the air pressure of your tires; deflated tires decrease the gas efficiency of your car and also wear down treads faster.

Han Chang
Cofounder of InvestmentZen.com

36. Go to the Library Instead of Buying Books

Go the library; instead of buying books and/or movies that you’ll use once and never look at again, see if your local library has that book or movie and just check it out. It’s easy to look online to see if they carry it or not, and most libraries allow you to keep a book for 3 weeks and you can renew it up to 2 more times for a total of 9 weeks online so there’s really no excuse!

Han Chang
Cofounder of InvestmentZen.com

37. Air Dry Your Clothes

Air dry your clothes; running the dryer uses up a lot of electricity and wears down your clothes faster.

Han Chang
Cofounder of InvestmentZen.com

38. Make Your Own Coffee

Make your own coffee at home; a French press and ground coffee comes out to less than a dollar per cup and is just as delicious as your neighborhood coffee store but 3x cheaper!

Han Chang
Cofounder of InvestmentZen.com

39. Take advantage of money saving credit card programs

The save the change program on my credit card is essentially the best way for me to save money for vacation and my credit card does all the work! Essentially every company purchase I make, the amount is automatically rounded up and the additional cost is automatically transferred to my savings account. This allows me to save up money without actually feeling the need to take away money from my account. (Even though it should be similar, it is the psychological benefits that help me).

AJ Saleem
Academic Director
Suprex Private Tutoring

40. Protect Your Furniture with Furniture Covers

Keep your furniture looking new by protecting it from kids, pets or spills by purchasing a furniture cover. Don’t buy a new piece of furniture because the upholstery is dirty or there’s a tear in the fabric. Save your money so you don’t have to hire professionals to clean your furniture or replace your fabric when it’s worn.

41. Invest in Stocks

I usually invest a small portion of my profits into an investment account and when I get lucky with a huge gain, I immediately take a vacation. I take out the profits I gain while keeping the principal amount there. Therefore I can keep saving for the future!

AJ Saleem
Academic Director

42. Remove Unnecessary Expenditures from Your Budget

Saving money is one of the most common problems that anyone faces and it is almost one of the most difficult to overcome. However, it is not something that cannot be attained. We all know that the best way to keep track of our expenditures is to create a budget. But what if there are some things in the budget which we did not have to spend for? You have your answer. Save it and stash it away into a fixed deposit or recurring account and forget about it completely. When you cannot have access to cash, you cannot use it and hence you save.

Rakesh Gupta
Real Estate Consultant

43. Save Money on Your Wedding

• Get a wedding credit card – Every purchase you make can help you gain points for flights, get cash back, or any other number of benefits. You know that you’ll be making a ton of purchases, a ton of large ones at that. Why not get a free plane ticket while you’re making the purchases you have to anyway?

• Call vendors for pricing, but leave out the word “wedding” – Vendors tend to do a funny thing when you mention you’re planning a wedding. That funny thing is amping up the prices of their services! When you call vendors for quotes, leave out the word “wedding” and just say you’re planning a party for around 150 people (or however many guests you’re having). This will help you get a more affordable price.

• Don’t snub wholesale stores – Believe it or not, wholesale stores can be a great source of wedding flowers, favors, and decorations. You just have to think outside the box and shop with a discerning eye.

• Buy décor online from other brides – Let’s face it, you don’t need wedding décor after your big day. People who buy their own décor are looking to sell it. There are many wedding décor marketplaces online. This article from Woman Getting Married lists some excellent places to look.
Claire Abraham
Digital Marketing Specialist
Avant-garde Titanium, a low cost alternative to more expensive wedding rings

44. Save $$ while Traveling

• Long before you start your travel, google these words: “Free stuff to do in (enter your destination city here).” You should be able to find lots of free stuff (especially free access to museums/events/concerts) to do which you can then incorporate into your schedule.

• Bring a reusable (and refilled) water bottle wherever you go. How many times have you found yourself in the middle of a city tour and realize that you are thirsty and you have to buy an overpriced bottle of water which is actually free if you know where to find one? This brings us to our next statement: when thirsty on a city tour and you do not have a water bottle with you, try to avoid buying bottled water- just go to the nearest McDonald’s or any other fast food chain to get a glass of free and clean water.

• Bring your own reusable, big bag! Most cities are now into green/eco policies and that includes requiring you to have your own shopping bag otherwise you have to pay an additional $0.10 for each brown bag you’ll need at the checkout counter.

• All you have to do is ask. When dining in, ask your server if they have promotions. When at a market, ask if they can give you a discount. Seize every opportunity to ask. Remember that if you do not ask, the answer is always ‘N-O’.

Marlon Uy
Frustrated Billionaire

45. Use Frequent Flyer Miles and Loyalty Program Points

If you’re looking to save money and the price is right, redeem your miles and points for flights and other perks instead.

Jessica Coanes

46. Buy from Online Shopping places like Thrive Market

We buy most of our items from online shopping places like Thrive Market to save money. Buying from Thrive Market alone saves us at least $200 every month because the items are sold at wholesale prices.

Marcus Kusi
A husband, father to two toddlers, Business Analyst, Author and Marriage Blogger

47. Carefully Select what Decorations you use for your Home

If you look for small ways to save money, chances are you’ll find it. For instance, if you like decorating the outside of your home, consider using solar lights so that you do not have to tap into your home’s electricity. Although it might not seem like you’ve saved much on your electricity bill, over the course of time, you’ll find that the savings will begin to add up. To view a selection of solar lights, click on this link here.

Jim Milan

48. Buy in Bulk

We buy in bulk. It may have a bigger up front cost, but we save money in the long run.

Marcus Kusi
A husband, father to two toddlers, Business Analyst, Author and Marriage Blogger

49. Use this Alternative to Expensive Dryer Sheets

Instead of expensive dryer sheets, buy a bottle of liquid fabric softener and splash a bit of it on a damp washcloth, then toss it into the dryer with your clothes. Not only does it do a good job of preventing static cling, you can also use the liquid fabric softener to clean hairspray overspray from your bathroom counters and floors.

Candy Morehouse
Candy’s Recipes for a Sweet Life
Recipes for Better Health and a Natural Home

50. Use this Alternative to Braun Shaver Cleaning Fluid Refills

Use a Braun shaver? Rather than purchase expensive cleaning fluid refills, simply rinse out the old cleaning cartridge and refill it with rubbing alcohol (the original formula is just rubbing alcohol + scent).

Candy Morehouse
Candy’s Recipes for a Sweet Life
Recipes for Better Health and a Natural Home

51. Use this Alternative to Wet Mop Refill Sheets

Instead of buying wet mop refill sheets, use an old sock dampened and sprayed with the liquid cleaning agent of your choice (such as Mr. Clean, plain dish soap, vinegar, etc.).

Candy Morehouse
Candy’s Recipes for a Sweet Life
Recipes for Better Health and a Natural Home

We know that even with the best intentions, following every tip you read is probably not practical, but we encourage you to find the ones that make the most sense for you and your family. You’ll see over time how even small changes can help increase your savings. Get started on setting financial goals that are worthwhile and remember that even with setbacks, there is wisdom in spending conservatively and saving wisely.

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