Ideas for Easter Table Decorations

Easter Table Decorations

Easter is such a special time of year that’s it’s nice to pull out the extra nice dishes and the pastel table linens to have the house decorated in beautiful Easter colors.  While any of the rooms in your house can be decorated with cute Easter figurines, the kitchen is another great place that has a lot of possibilities for Easter decorating.

The dining room table is where you’ll have the opportunity to create a lovely tablescape. Dressing it up can include placing a basket with eggs in the center or you could select a beautiful table linen, a few flowers (either real or faux is fine), some candles and a stunning centerpiece.  When you pull all these components together, you’ll have a classic and pretty table for your guests.

Easter Table Place Settings

It’s the little details that will bring your whole table scape together.  When setting your table, why not make some whimsical napkins for Easter?  This won’t take a lot of time to do.  In fact, you can have the kids make these up in no time.

Easter Bunny Napkins

These cute folded bunny napkins are adorable! (Maybe have the bunnies at the kids table and the bigger bunny for the adults).  Chinet has printable instructions (and a video) on how to create these adorable napkin figures.  You can be as creative as you want by choosing different fabrics and colors for your napkins.

This website has a playful idea on how to create a fun Easter place setting.


Another perfect idea, if you’re looking for a simple, yet stylish table setting, would be to use a sweetly-scented tulip, a pretty ribbon and a cloth napkin.

Easter Dinner, Appetizers and Desserts

Besides the main Easter dinner, have you thought about how you’ll serve all the appetizers, side dishes and desserts?  By using a 2-tier serving tray, you’ll be able to keep all your appetizers in one place, it’s easy to transfer with a center “handle” and it will save you counter space.

Color-Coordinated Tablescapes

After you’ve completed decorating your dining room table, check to see if there are other spaces that could use a little Easter color.  If you plan on using an extra table or the kitchen counter for the overflow of food, you can still continue your color theme from one room to another.

There are many beautiful colors that reflect the Easter season, such as the colors in the tablescape designs that we have below.  These colors can serve as your inspiration as you pull together your own welcoming Easter table.

We realize that Easter is a meaningful holiday for many people.  In honor of celebrating this holiday, we want you to be inspired by the many possibilities that exist for indoor Easter decorating.  We hope that by adding some fun and whimsical elements to your decorations, along with a dash of practicality, that you are inspired to incorporate your own individual ideas for your Easter celebration.

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