International Women’s Day – Celebrating Women Around the World

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world.  It is a day meant to honor women who have had the courage and conviction to bring awareness and change to women’s issues and to help overcome the unique challenges that women have.

How do Women Influence Positive Change for Women?

There are thousands of women every day that contribute to making equality a reality for women in the world.  Some women may not look like they are helping advance equality for women, but they are.  Mothers, sisters, doctors, and lawyers bring about change in the way they live their lives every day.  Perhaps it is how a mother raises her daughter to be an independent thinker or a doctor that advocates for women’s healthcare issues.  More women’s voices are heard today because of these “ordinary” women.

Women Celebrities and Social Media

Women who are in the public eye, such as celebrities or public figures, can use their fame as a way to bring attention to women’s issues.  Especially with today’s popular use of social media, women can relate their thoughts, ideas and observations to millions of people in just a matter of seconds.  Taylor Swift, the award-winning American singer/songwriter has 71 million followers on Twitter.  Katy Perry, another award-winning American singer/songwriter has 83 million followers!  It’s almost impossible to wrap your head around the kind of influence a celebrity can have with that many fans (unless of course you’re Taylor Swift or Katy Perry). Why not use social media to trumpet your admiration for a woman who has made a difference in your life?

International Women’s Day is to remember and recognize the achievements women have made.  How will you honor the women in your life?  Who are the special women in your life that have made a difference for you?  Let us know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – Celebrating Women Around the World

  1. I always marvel at my mother’s courage to live her life in a way that reflects her true self. She has been an incredible inspiration to me. Although she looks at my accomplishments with admiration, I’ve always done the “safe” thing. I pursued career choices that would provide a more steady income rather than pursue artistic endeavors that I was more excited about. She has shown me that on can pursue the dream and still pay the bills. fresh out of high school she left her small town to go to NYC. Without a job or a place to live and not much money. By the time she got off her short flight of less than an hour, she had a job lined up and was moving in with the stewardesses who needed a roommate! Often when I’m about to forge into new territory, I think of her courage.


  2. My mother was the most important woman in my life, she was the most forgiving person I know. She always had a smile for everyone even if she didn’t know them. When I was young I remember her working as hard as she could to raise us kids on her own with no help and she did her job. She always support all of us kids in what ever we did, from school work to activities. She always told us to do our best and that was all she could ask for. I will always respect and honor for everything she gave us.

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  3. My mother is an inspiration to me everyday. Nursing is a rewarding but tough career path. It’s a physically demanding job where logging 12-hour shifts on your feet is not uncommon. I have never once heard my mother complain. She always has a positive can-do attitude and is easy with a laugh. She worked hard to ensure myself and my siblings were well educated and prepared for the working world. Her relentless energy has also been reflected in her dedication to taking care of my grandmother. She remains the most inspirational person in my life.


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