4 FANTASTIC Ideas for a Successful St. Patrick’s Day Party!

First Steps to Planning Your St. Patrick’s Day Party!

There are plenty of ways to plan a party, but first, consider what type of St. Patrick’s Day decorations you want to use; then decide on the food and drink that you want to serve your guests.  If you’re planning a party for your office, these ideas will apply to you as well.

Create Your Own Tablescape Design

Invest a little bit of time to set up a dazzling kitchen tablescape that makes a statement; you’ll be setting the stage for a lively and festive St. Patrick’s party.

As most guests will initially congregate in the kitchen, we suggest creating a unique and inspired table design that has fresh flowers and St. Patrick Day decorations.  Try using a combination of these items:  a forest green tablecloth, an Irish table runner and a cute set of matching salt and pepper shakers.

What Type of Food to Serve?

It’s true that people like to be near the food, so plan to offer a dazzling display of tantalizing foods to munch on.  While there are several appetizer options to select from, think about choosing foods that are green or could be made green.  It’s a fun way to keep the theme of St. Patrick’s Day consistent and it’s visually appealing too.  To help you out, we’ve listed some excellent appetizer selections that will apply to different taste buds.

The traditional St. Patrick’s Day corn beef and cabbage is practically a must have on March 17th, but if you don’t want to make a whole meal out of it, then we suggest feeding your guests these corn beef triangle sandwiches.  Not only are they cute, but they’re not messy and they are easy to eat without using any utensils.

Other side dishes that you could serve (below from left to right) are kale hummus cucumber bites, Irish cheese fondue, guacamole cups, gluten free pesto & goat cheese crostini, cheddar and Guinness dip, goat cheese balls.   These are all easy to make, don’t require a lot of preparation time and are delicious!

Serve Something Green and Refreshing to Drink

Since drinking is a popular activity on St. Patrick’s Day, why not try something a little different?  You can still offer a regular selection of beverages and green beer if you want to, but how about adding something a little unexpected, like sparkling green sangria!  It’s not difficult to make and the light taste is refreshing too.

Easy Desserts to Make that Your Guests will Love

If the rest of the food and decorations are green in color, find a way to keep the dessert selection in the same color scheme.  You can serve desserts on decorative platters or try this 3-tier beaded dessert stand to create more space on your table to lay out your sweets.  If you’ve chosen to keep your party “utensil free”, then find desserts that are small enough to pop into your mouth.  Just make sure you have enough of these delicacies on hand, as they’ll be gone in no time.

We hope you have fun on St. Patrick’s Day.  There are sure to be local events that will be celebrating St.  Patrick’s Day and if you like large crowds, check to see if any parades will be in your city.  Please share any decorating pictures from your St. Patrick’s Day party.  We always like seeing everyone’s ideas!  Enjoy the 17th!

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