7 Incredibly EASY Ideas for Outdoor Spring Decorations

7 Incredibly EASY Ideas for Outdoor Spring Decorations

We know it’s hard to make the mental switch from cold weather to SPRING weather, especially with all the snow our east coast friends have seen recently had.  However, we are excited about the new spring decor that has been arriving and wanted to share them with you along with sharing long-time customer favorites.  As spring draws near, you’ll begin to notice how the grass looks greener and the spring breezes feel invigorating and refreshing.  Spring is a time for new beginnings.  Let’s welcome spring with these seven easy ideas on you can get started on for your outdoor spring decorating.

1. Choose a Focal Point for your Yard

This is one of our customer’s favorite products and it’s easy to see why!  This incredibly versatile wagon garden planter can be used indoors or outdoors.  You can use it to hold spring tulips, summer roses, fall mums, and winter poinsettias.  Leave the wagon on your front porch filled with sweet smelling blossoms or pull your wagon to a shady area under the tree.  In the winter, use it indoors to hold firewood near the hearth.  There are many possibilities.

2.  Create a Warm and Welcoming Front Porch

We have some beautiful “Welcome Spring” garden stakes that are new this year.  The floral garden stake below is easy to stake into the ground and is a beautiful reminder that spring is on its way.

Or choose the sunny, yellow daisies and purple wildflower twig wreath to hang on your door.  For a slightly more traditional wreath, the rose and berries twig wreath has a classic design and comes with soft mauve and pastel pink flowers.   As you know, floral wreaths are very popular, so for more styles, check the link here to view the rest of our lovely spring wreaths.

3. Fun Inflatable Decorations for Your Front Yard

Inflatables are fun and easy to “install” (and by that, we mean plug it into an outlet) and since spring and Easter go hand in hand, you’ll be delighted with these two lighted inflatables.  The “Happy Easter” chick will brighten up your yard, as will the giant lighted bunny and colorful Easter egg.

For a bit of added Easter fun, you could also add the Easter bunny garden stakes around your inflatable decorations (there are three bunnies per set) or spread the three piece Easter egg garden stakes around your yard or as a pathway to your front door.

4.  Refurbish your Thrift Store Treasures into New Spring Decorations

Turn the old into something new.  Find an old frame, paint it a flattering spring color and then center this beautiful lavender wreath inside the frame.

5.  Light Up Your Landscape with Whimsical Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting is a lovely way to illuminate sections of your yard.  These willowy, whimsical solar lights will add the finishing touch to a garden or in a bed of flowers.  Use the soft lighting to light the walkway for guests.  These solar lights come in sets of 3 and are available in three different colors.

You may also enjoy this trendy and popular solar double wind spinner.  Watch how it spins in the wind during the day.  Then at night, watch the glass mosaic ball light up by using solar power from the day.  This spinner is an attractive decoration for your garden or near your porch.

6.  Abundance of Spring Flowers

What’s spring without flowers?  Choose from a variety of styles and colors to brighten up your entry way or porch area.  With these flowers, you won’t have the hassle of watering, pruning, or aerating the soil.  Enjoy the beauty they provide without any of the work.

7.  Your Own Personalized Touch

If you have the materials and the time, this craft idea is fun and easy to do.  You’ll need a couple of terra cotta pots that you can paint.  Use bright spring colors or customize the theme and the color based on what you like best.  You can use a stencil for extra help, but you could also pencil in your ideas and color in your designs.

We hope we have inspired you to think creatively, to be unique and to have fun decorating the outside with your spring decorations.  The possibilities are endless in how you decide to decorate.    Choose from a variety of spring decorations and consider the style, the colors and the type of items that you want to include for your outside landscaping needs.

8 thoughts on “7 Incredibly EASY Ideas for Outdoor Spring Decorations

  1. I have been waiting for help from Collections concerning tinsel lights I have ordered. I have written 2 times and have not received an answer to my problem. The order form does not except my bank credit number. Like I said I am still waiting for help. I really want these lights. Someone please HELP.
    Catherine Owens


  2. Hi Catherine- We apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We do not have your order information and ask that you contact Customer Service at 1-620-584-5200 to check on the status of your order. We’ll be able to help you order your tinsel lights! Thanks!


  3. Love the idea of using thrift store finds to decorate! If you take the time to look you can find some real treasures, many of which can be used to decorate in fun and unique ways. Thanks for sharing these tips!


  4. I agree with Rachel! I love using thrift store finds both inside & outside of my home for decor. I am looking forward to spring even though the groundhog said there will be six more weeks of winter. I can dream!


  5. My wife wants to add more decorations to the garden at home but isn’t sure what else to add. I like that you mention how spring flowers don’t require a lot of maintenance and are hassle-free. This sounds like an easy decoration to add and will give us more time to focus on other gardening activities. Thanks for sharing!


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  7. I liked your tip to choose a focal point for your yard. My wife and I are having her family over for Easter for the first time and we want the yard to look really good. If we can choose one spot with one big decoration in the middle of yard, it’ll draw their attention and set the theme for the rest of the yard. Thanks for the tips!


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