French Country Style and Primitive Americana Style Decor

Country Style decorating is creating an inviting space that is comfortable, casual and charming.  It is sometimes referred to as “imperfect” decorating because it looks like everything blends naturally together, although everything is not “matchy-matchy”.  With Country Style décor, you’ll look for items that are cozy and comfortable, such as vintage-inspired accessories and fabrics.

In Country Style decorating, there are basically two popular decorating styles: French Country and Primitive Americana.  French Country is reminiscent of being in a rural village in southern France where the sun shines brightly and everywhere you walk you breathe in the scent of lavender from the nearby fields.   Primitive Americana décor could be described as walking into a home that was built in the late 18th century, in the middle of the grassy plains of Kansas, with acres and acres of farmland stretching as far as the eyes could see, as the last glimpses of the fading sun dip under sight.

French Country

French country décor often includes warm reds and embraces a loved, lived-in, rustic look.  You’ll see stone walls and fireplaces with wood floors and other natural elements.  Here are four traditional French country accessories that are often used in French country décor.

  • Roosters
  • Sunflowers
  • Grapes
  • Lavender

French Country Kitchen

Incorporating a rooster theme is traditional French décor design.  Have fun as you incorporate the rooster into your kitchen décor.  Choose from a selection of various items that use roosters, such as an old-fashioned milk canister with a brightly painted rooster against a beautiful red background.  Having fresh cut flowers is also popular and these two country rooster planter pots will look lovely on a counter or as a centerpiece on your table.  If your taste is more unassuming, the embroidered, rooster lace table linens will complete your French country style kitchen.

We also mentioned that sunflowers and grapes are popular in French country style.  To incorporate a grape themed style into your home, we think this delicate grapes and vines lace tablecloth would look perfect.  Choose some additional vineyard pieces, such as this napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers and finish off the look by using this beautiful, two-tone cream rug with a border of detailed plum-colored grapes.

Grapes and Vines and Sunflowers
We also mentioned that sunflowers and grapes are popular in French country style.  To incorporate a grape themed style into your home, we think this delicate grapes and vines lace tablecloth would look perfect.  Choose some additional vineyard pieces, such as this napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers.

French Country Furniture

Using French style furniture or accessories indoors adds a beautiful contrast between wood and wrought iron. A wrought iron baker’s rack with delicate scrolling and tiny details can add coziness and warmth to a room.  For more rooster type accessories, add a rooster to your table top or hang the three rooster barn stars, on your wall for a colorful French Country feel to your home.

Primitive Americana

To get  the look described as Primitive Americana style, your home will be furnished with country décor, but will have several personal items on display, like meaningful picture frames and heirloom quilts.  If you can envision a traditional Bed and Breakfast Inn, imagine seeing quality furniture pieces and traditional country chairs and a sturdy wooden table. Neutral beige, warm browns and harvest gold are the calling cards of primitive Americana home décor (such as in the example below), with red, white, and blue used as accent colors.

Re-claimed or recycled wood and other natural elements are common in American home décor.  You’ll also find beautiful accent pieces, such as this beautiful lighted metal country star below.  The red and white checkered curtains add a comfy, homey feel and the braided burgundy floor rug adds warmth.

Popular Primitive Americana motifs used in decorating include:

  • Rustic fabrics and furnishings
  • Apples
  • Stars
  • Red/White/Blue checkered patterns

Primitive Americana Kitchen

Using an apple theme is cute and will look adorable inside the kitchen.  A pretty decorating option would be to use a basket with fresh apples and add a red and white checkered apple themed tablecloth.  Add to that cozy feeling by deciding on the type of fabrics you’ll select.  There are floral, checkered and gingham or stripped patterns in a variety of lovely, soft hues like burgundy, sage or beige and we offer a three-piece country curtain set with shades of burgundy, red and white gingham and button details.

Primitive Americana Bedroom Decor

For the bedroom décor, a soft palette of muted creams, whites or blues would look lovely against this new patchwork country bedroom quilt.  One or both of these country jar lamps with string lights inside, would look delightful on a table next to the bed and completes the primitive Americana bedroom décor.

Primitive Americana Furniture

Country Style furniture, like the wooden magazine table, can be best described as clean, simple and unfussy, like this wooden magazine organizer table.  It adds the right amount of contrast between being minimalistic, yet charming and functional.  Add your own personal touch by showcasing your own family mementos and photos.  Using a traditional braided rug will complete the primitive Americana décor.

Today’s country style decorations can accommodate most personalities and tastes.  Although country décor is usually defined by having a mixture of old and new pieces, softly painted walls in cream or white, and traditional red checkered prints, you are not bound by these ideas.  Explore different fabrics, furnishings and accessories available (link to Collections Etc) and decide how you’d like to incorporate these styles into your home.  Keep in mind that comfort and coziness is the key to country style, not perfectly matching pieces.  Have fun with your country decorating and let us know how it turns out!

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