The BEST Favorite Disney Toys from the Movie Frozen

Frozen Movie Gifts and Toys for Your Princess Anna and Elsa

When the movie Frozen opened to crowded theaters in 2013, no one could have predicted what a huge hit it would turn out to be.  Frozen tells the charming and compelling story of sisterly relationships, overcoming obstacles and how love and persistence can help you get through tough times.  These are admirable qualities that many of us strive for.  To find a children’s movie that has successfully found a way to weave these valuable lessons into a fantasy storyline is truly remarkable.  The life lessons shared in the movie, the hit song, “Let it Go” by Idinia Menzel and the adorable characters, Olaf, Hans, Anna and Elsa have all contributed to Frozen becoming the highest grossing animated and musical film OF ALL TIME, with a worldwide box office gross of over $1 billion.  We’re hoping with the success of Frozen, that it will lead to a Frozen 2, but until we hear something, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, children are still smitten with Frozen.  We’ve come up with some great ideas on how to host your own Frozen theme sleepover, from everything from Frozen décor and snacks, to Frozen activities and crafts.

Have a Sleepover – PJ Party

Remember when we were younger?  Sleepovers were all the rage!  We couldn’t wait ‘til Saturday night to get to our friend’s house to watch movies and eat pizza!  If you have younger children, you could also have a mini-sleepover.  Have the kids come in their pj’s, bring a pillow and blanket, watch the movie, maybe do a craft or activity, and then leave when the movie is over.

In keeping with the Frozen theme, we suggest using these warm and cozy, fleece Frozen blankets to use for watching the movie.  Or lay them on the floor so all the kids can lay on them.

When you need to pack for a sleepover, where does a girl put all of her “stuff”?  If you have girls that love princesses, then this Disney Princess overnight duffle bag will be a big hit.  It is big enough to hold a blanket, toys and other fun items to play with and share.

Yummy Frozen Snacks

Besides the traditional pizza that goes with movie night, a great snack to have during the movie is ice cream and Frozen popcorn snowballs.  Click here to see the popcorn snowballs recipe.  Don’t they look delicious!  Here’s an easy drink to make to wash down these sweet teats with this blue punch!  Just use a little Sprite and mix in blue food coloring.

Frozen Activity

What do kids like to do (that isn’t messy)?  They like to color, of course!  This Disney Cinderella art sketchbook will allow your princess to create their own designs for Elsa, Anna or Olaf.

This compact, travel arts & crafts set will keep all the crayons, markers and pencils in one place for easy cleanup.

Frozen Crafts – Do You Want to Make a Snowman?

If there’s enough time and the kids would like to do an easy craft to do, try making this Olaf sock snowman.  This project is easy for all ages.  .  We have listed a condensed version of the directions, but follow this link for the full directions.  To begin, fill an ankle sock with 3/4cup of rice.  Tie a rubber band to create the bottom of the snowman.  Then, fill sock with 1/8cup of rice for the middle and tie a rubber band.  Pour slightly less than 1/2cup for the head and tie a rubber band.  Glue on the rest of the details to make Olaf.

What Kind of Frozen Gifts do Kids Love?

Kids enjoying playing with their favorite characters, so if they love Frozen, why not get the Disney Frozen sticker collection set?  They can use the stickers to decorate their books or journals and even use them on notepads for thank you and birthday cards.

A Frozen family forever tin box is a great place to store stickers, notecards and special sketches.  It can also be used to carry around the four Disney Frozen toy figurines.

We hope all the little Frozen princesses out there will be happy with their Frozen toys.  We would love to see how you decided to use some of the suggestions above, so send us an email after the holidays.

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