Stylish and Affordable Protective Furniture Covers

We know you probably aren’t entirely excited about hearing the benefits of using furniture covers.  We understand that no one starts off a conversation with, “Hey, what kind of furniture covers do you use?”  However, take a minute to envision your favorite four legged animal jumping onto your furniture after running around in the yard.  Maybe one of your kids spills their drink onto your new sofa.  Even well-meaning friends and family can unintentionally damage your furniture.

We have a huge selection of fashionable furniture covers to choose from that will compliment your home décor and save your furniture.  Today’s furniture covers are durable, attractive and come in a wide variety of fabrics and designs to choose from.  They’re an investment in your home, without being a huge expense.  In fact, you’ll find our furniture covers are at incredibly low prices, so why take the chance that one of your beautiful pieces of furniture could be damaged?

This comfortable, reversible, quilted furniture cover comes in several colors and is offered in four different sizes (loveseat style not shown below) to accommodate the different sizes of furniture in your home.

Did you know that furniture covers can do more than just protect your furniture?  They can quickly give your whole room a fresh, updated look.  Our exclusive Tucson furniture cover is influenced by the Southwestern style and comes in three sizes to fit your sofa, loveseat, and recliner.

These stylish, fleece furniture covers can warm up a cold room and come in two colors and three sizes!  Dress up your couch with one of our decorative pillows, such as the Decorative Satin Ruffle Accent Pillow Cover.

When you’re decorating and you’ve noticed your couch has seen better days, try this stylish, fitted furniture cover.  Even the best types of furniture can get run down over time, but this cover will hug all the curves and crevices of your furniture and can make an old couch look new again!  Even add a splash of a color, by using a decorative pillow, such as the Chickadee Embroidered Accent Pillow.

Whether you are living in a home, apartment, loft or bungalow, decorating your space is never 100% complete.  You spend a lot of time, money and energy in creating the perfect home, so go the extra step and make the investment in protecting your furniture.

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