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The BEST Favorite Disney Toys from the Movie Frozen

Frozen Movie Gifts and Toys for Your Princess Anna and Elsa

When the movie Frozen opened to crowded theaters in 2013, no one could have predicted what a huge hit it would turn out to be.  Frozen tells the charming and compelling story of sisterly relationships, overcoming obstacles and how love and persistence can help you get through tough times.  These are admirable qualities that many of us strive for.  To find a children’s movie that has successfully found a way to weave these valuable lessons into a fantasy storyline is truly remarkable.  The life lessons shared in the movie, the hit song, “Let it Go” by Idinia Menzel and the adorable characters, Olaf, Hans, Anna and Elsa have all contributed to Frozen becoming the highest grossing animated and musical film OF ALL TIME, with a worldwide box office gross of over $1 billion.  We’re hoping with the success of Frozen, that it will lead to a Frozen 2, but until we hear something, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed.
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Why We Love Star Wars

The Beginning of a Movie Empire-It’s Finally Here- Dec 18th

Coming to a theater near you on December 18th is the latest Star Wars movie, Episode VII- The Force Awakens.  There has been a lot of excitement building for the release of this movie, as it’s been awhile since the last Star Wars movie, Episode III- Revenge of the Sith, was released ten years ago in 2005.
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Stylish and Affordable Protective Furniture Covers

We know you probably aren’t entirely excited about hearing the benefits of using furniture covers.  We understand that no one starts off a conversation with, “Hey, what kind of furniture covers do you use?”  However, take a minute to envision your favorite four legged animal jumping onto your furniture after running around in the yard.  Maybe one of your kids spills their drink onto your new sofa.  Even well-meaning friends and family can unintentionally damage your furniture.

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