6 Inspired Tablescape Ideas for Thanksgiving

This holiday season, why not try something a little different?  Instead of having a lovely, traditional centerpiece in the middle of your table, how about creating a beautiful and charming tablescape?  If you’re wondering what the word “tablescape” means, it’s finding an assortment of odds and ends, plus other items you can find from around your house and using these items to decorate your dining table.  Adding fresh greenery, different shaped leaves, votives and vases and staggering items at different heights will help give balance and symmetry to your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Don’t be led astray thinking that only “crafty folks” can pull this off, because that’s not true!  By using your imagination, your design options are endless and we think you can create an amazing tablescape that will dazzle your family!

Finding the Right Color

There are many beautiful color combinations to choose from, such as green, gold, auburn red, and latte brown.  Select one that will go with your décor as well as inspires you.  A sample color scheme is provided below.


Use an Assortment of Different Sizes

Here are some great examples of using different size candles, placing them at varying heights, and adding some greenery in a variety of shades.

Photo Credit

Here’s a good idea is to try.  Use the berry branches centerpiece as the main focus of your table.  It has the needed height to add dimension to your table and the autumn red berries and burlap adds the perfect amount of country charm to your home.  Plus, after you’re done using it on your table, you can use it a fireplace mantel or a side table. 

Nature Inspired

Find items in nature for your tablescape and use them in unexpected combinations, like combining floating candles and branches.

Floating candles

Autumn Flowers with Corn Husks

A Little Bit of Whimsy

When decorating your tablescape, utilize the empty space in the middle of your table by adding a contrasting pop of color, while keeping your theme the same.

Incorporate whimsical teacups throughout your arrangement and use with floating candles or fresh flowers.

Keep it Simple

A tablescape design doesn’t need to be complicated.  You can achieve an attractive, yet simple design by using just a few pieces.

Using a tablecloth is a good idea to complement the other items on your table.  You can select either the round or rectangular tablecloth.  They also come in a variety of colors.

Choose this set of four beautifully detailed embroidered placemats with the matching table runner (purchase separately) for a nice finishing touch or use them on its own.

You can also achieve a simplistic, yet elegant tablescape by pairing the same items together, but with different looks or textures.

Creating a stylish tabletop sets the tone for your festivities and can be achieved from the colors you choose to how you arrange the pieces on your table.  Use your imagination and let inspiration be your guide.

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