Women and Football: The NFL Pays Attention to Female Fans

Women and Football: Guys Aren’t the Only Ones who Love Football!

NFL & Women

Although football is generally considered a “guy” sport, you likely know more than one woman who is an avid football fan.   The NFL has been paying attention to this trend!  Do you know that at least 45% of the NFL’s fan base is women?  With these kinds of statistics, it’s smart for the NFL to listen to this growing demographic.

When it comes to doing whatever they can to give their team an advantage, female fans are as superstitious as men. Women are about eight percent more likely than men to wear a particular article of clothing, believing it will help their team win (source).   As such, the NFL has increased their marketing efforts to include women.  They have partnered with a clothing line to sell women’s NFL merchandise such as necklaces, earrings, and even fingernail tattoos.  In fact, over 60% of all NFL apparel sold is considered women’s apparel.

NFL & Women Trailblazers

Women have made other strides in football.  This year, football welcomed Jen Welter as the first woman ever to be hired as a NFL coach.  What an amazing accomplishment!  Another trailblazer paving the way for other women is Sarah Thomas.  She was named the first female NFL referee earlier this year.  And Beth Mowins is the second ever female broadcaster ever to announce play-by-plays for a live NFL game.  These triumphs for women have taken time, but with this bit of traction, we think more sports will find ways to involve women.

Celebrate Your Team Spirit

If you’re looking for creative ways to show your team spirit, then check out these ideas below.

Whether you’re going to see your favorite team at the football stadium or you’re going to a local game, take one of these NFL Licensed Team Logo Bleacher Cushions with you to keep your bottom warm.

If you’re getting ready for the big game day with a whole spread of food, then try this oversized Inflatable Football-Shaped Cooler.  Just add ice and you can use this for a tailgating party or at home.  Keep your food and drinks cool and refreshing. Your guests will get a “kick” out of it.

Snuggle up with this NFL Team Marque Fleece Throw.  There are several team logo’s you can choose from.  These fleece blankets are too cozy to pass up.

If you’re looking for another way to let others know which team is your favorite, bring along this NFL Football Team Umbrella  to your next work event or tailgating party.  There are seven teams logo’s to choose from.

For those of you that don’t know much about football, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when watching football with men (or women):

  1. Don’t ask questions during the last minute of a game or at a crucial time.
  2. Stake out your place to sit on the sofa before the game, or you’ll get squeezed out.
  3. Don’t stand up in front of the tv. If you must get up, wait for a commercial.
  4. Do not ask pertinent, important life questions that require an introspective, serious answer.
  5. Please don’t flip through other stations while on commercial…we don’t want to miss a second of the game.

This football season promises to be another exciting year.  Show your pride in your favorite team, by showing off your team spirit with these NFL items and more.

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