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Winter Accessories!

Cold Weather Solutions for Winter

Don’t let the cold weather bring you down! We’ve got a variety of winter accessories that are sure to come in handy during cold, snowy weather! These cold weather solutions are sure to keep you warm and toasty throughout the winter season.

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6 Inspired Tablescape Ideas for Thanksgiving

This holiday season, why not try something a little different?  Instead of having a lovely, traditional centerpiece in the middle of your table, how about creating a beautiful and charming tablescape?  If you’re wondering what the word “tablescape” means, it’s finding an assortment of odds and ends, plus other items you can find from around your house and using these items to decorate your dining table.  Adding fresh greenery, different shaped leaves, votives and vases and staggering items at different heights will help give balance and symmetry to your Thanksgiving tablescape.

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Here’s How to Plan for Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re asking yourself how much prep work has to be done for your Thanksgiving meal, it really depends on how much effort you want to put into it and how much time you have.  If you’re limited on time, you could buy most of your items pre-made.  Another option would be to have your Thanksgiving meal catered, but then you’d miss out on the opportunity to socialize and reconnect with others while cooking.
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Stylish Winter Wardrobe Outfits

New Arrivals:  Winter Apparel for Women

We’ve recently added new winter apparel that will help you update your winter wardrobe in no time at all.  If you love clothes, then you’ll find flattering winter tunic tops tops to get you through the holiday season.  There are new scarves in a variety of designs and colors that will complement any outfit.  We’ve even added new winter boots!  Take a minute and check out some of our amazing new winter apparel! 

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Women and Football: The NFL Pays Attention to Female Fans

Women and Football: Guys Aren’t the Only Ones who Love Football!

NFL & Women

Although football is generally considered a “guy” sport, you likely know more than one woman who is an avid football fan.   The NFL has been paying attention to this trend!  Do you know that at least 45% of the NFL’s fan base is women?  With these kinds of statistics, it’s smart for the NFL to listen to this growing demographic.
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