Happy National Cat Day!

National Cat Day:  A Celebration of Our Feline Friends!

National Cat Day falls on October 29th this year.  It was first celebrated on October 29, 2005 to bring awareness to the large number of cats that need to be rescued each year and to encourage cat owners to celebrate their pets for all the happiness and smiles they bring.  In fact, this is the 10th anniversary of National Cat Day.

If you already own a cat, you know how many endearing traits they have.  Besides being smart and loving, they also provide excellent companionship and can be hilariously funny.  If you’ve ever seen a cat fall asleep in the middle of eating or stretch out straight on their back, then you know how funny they can be by just doing what they do naturally.

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Interesting Cat Behaviors

You might have noticed that cats do strange and unexpected things for no apparent reason.  Sometimes it’s obvious why and other times it doesn’t make much sense.  For instance, why do cats love to hang out in boxes and other small spaces, even after you’ve bought them their own cat bed and cat tree?  There are several reasons why.  Cats feel more secure and safer in small, structured places.  They’re also harder to spot in a small space, which a natural survival instinct.  Another reason is that cats like to be warm, which is why they like to squeeze into small spaces.

We’ve also noticed that many cats like to play or paw at their water bowl.  Although most cats do not enjoy playing with water, some cats do enjoy it.  By splashing the water, cats can move it around like they do when playing with a toy.  Another possible reason is that they might just like to freshen up their water by moving it around.

Some cats will mimic people’s actions, although not intentionally.  For example, if you have a cat that ignores you, it can be awfully confusing as to why they would choose this odd behavior when you’re the one that cares and feeds them.  However, don’t take this personally.  It doesn’t mean your cat is angry with you, nor is it a reflection of you or your caretaking skills.  Cats just like to enjoy some quiet time every now and then, just like us humans do.  (Wouldn’t it be nice to know what they’re thinking about?)

Here are a few other interesting behaviors that cat owners have seen in their own cats.

  • A cat that likes to smell everything that comes into their home, much like a dog. And speaking of dogs, we heard of a cat that likes to play fetch like a dog.
  • A cat that loves to play with their favorite stuffed mouse by pushing it under the furniture, then waiting patiently for it to get retrieved, so they can start playing again.
  • There’s also a cat that likes to get up and play at 3 am, much to the owner’s dismay.

Cat Decor & Apparel

There is a lot of love and affection for cats, so it isn’t that unusual that there is cat décor and apparel.  In fact, decorating your house with pieces that remind you of your cat is a great way to let others know how important they are in your life.  However, if you don’t own a cat but still like them, you’ll find many cat decorations that you can use around your house.  You can decorate your front yard by selecting one or both of these bobble head garden stakes.  Choose some holiday lights to go around your evergreens and these bobble heads will be a welcome sight for visiting friends and family.

Change up your bedding and choose this cozy, reversible cat quilt to keep you warm this winter.  If you decide later that you want to change the look of your bedding, use the reverse side of the quilt which features a floral light green background.

For those colder, winter nights, snuggle up with this adorable Quilted Charming Cat Collage Throw to keep you warm and toasty.

If you’re interested in apparel, this Kitten Novelty Tee is flattering and fun.

Or be comfortable running your everyday errands with this Paved with Paw Prints Cat Tee.  If there’s any doubt in your mind, owning a cat has many benefits.  From the sound of their soft, rhythmic purring when you pet them or how they nuzzle you on your neck when you’re holding them, you’ll be surprised at the many special personality traits a cat can have.  That adoration you feel for your cat and how they feel about you, is what National Cat Day is all about.

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2 thoughts on “Happy National Cat Day!

  1. I have three cats who live in my home. when I leave, they sit in the front window, watching when I back my car out of the driveway. when i return, they are sitting in the window. as i pull in the driveway, they jump out of the window. when I open the back door, there they are waiting for me on the back steps. always makes me laugh. Such a great welcome!


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