National Coffee Week

National Coffee Week Express Roast Mocha Latte and Fresh Coffee Wall Decor

Celebrate National Coffee Week

Your day begins when the alarm goes off.  Are you the type of person who jumps energetically from bed and can’t wait to start the day or are you like the other half of the population that can’t believe it’s time to wake up already?  As you’re deciding if you want to get up or not, you weigh the pros and cons in your head of how many times you can actually hit the snooze button.  You decide to sit up in bed, but your eyes are struggling to open.  You’ve got the dog licking your face and the kids are bouncing on your bed, but when that sweet, blissful aroma from the coffee maker finally wafts in from downstairs, you begin to perk up.  Now you’re ready to get moving and tackle the day.  Such is the power of coffee!

As you pour yourself that first cup, you know that part of preparing your coffee is about the routine you follow every day.  If you drink straight black coffee or like it flavored with cream and sugar, this basic morning ritual is like saying hi to an old friend.  If your morning routine involves using K-cups, this adorable coffee cup holder is a cute kitchen decoration and will keep those K-cups organized.

Keurig Coffee Cups Holder

Something else that might make your morning routine a little easier when you get on the road, is to have a coffee cup holder in your car that actually fits your cup.  You’ll find the car valet organizer holds your coffee cup, charges your phone and holds other miscellaneous items.

Coffee Cup valet holder organizer in car for phones between seats

And if you adore coffee so much that you want to pay tribute to it in other ways consider adding this wall art set which will be a charming addition to your kitchen.  Adorning your kitchen with some tasteful coffee decor will give your living space a wonderful, welcoming feel. We also like this cozy, vintage braided accent rug and think it will look very nice, right by the coffee maker, of course.

National Coffee Week Express Roast Mocha Latte and Fresh Coffee Wall Decor

Coffee Rug

We appreciate having a National Coffee Day because for one day, we are all united coffee lovers.  So stock up on coffee, grab your favorite mug, and inhale that sweet coffee aroma.

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