Seriously Spooky Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

We absolutely love the idea of having Halloween décor inside of your home.  Not only is it fun, but you’re only limited by your imagination.  Your Halloween decorations can be as simple as a carving out a couple of pumpkins or it could include dressing up your tables with a festive, frightful Halloween tablecloth.

Handcrafted, Decorated Pumpkins

Other types of Halloween décor you can use inside your home include the look of hand crafted decorated pumpkins.  Start by buying several different shapes and sizes of pumpkins and paint different designs on them.  To decorate a pumpkin like a spider web, simply grab a black sharpie pen and draw lines that look like a spider web onto the pumpkin, then glue on a couple plastic spiders.  This easy family activity is fun to do and won’t create a big mess.

For another decorating idea, use a paper template to trace a design on your pumpkin and color it in.  You can group the pumpkins together as a centerpiece for your table or find some old cake stands or pillar candle holders to display the pumpkins on the table or a mantel.  These easy to do decorations will be a nice touch to the rest of your Halloween décor.

Ghostly Frame Decorations

If pumpkins aren’t really your thing, we have some ghostly frames you can make that will provide a nice backdrop to the rest of your Halloween décor.  To create, simply find a template of a ghost and trace onto white paper.  Look around your home for old picture frames not being used and glue the ghosts onto the glass.

Stunning Ghost White Halloween Decorations Ideas Craft Candle Pumpkins (

Sound Activated Halloween Decorations

If you’re looking for decorations that have a lot of Halloween appeal, this popular, sound activated grim reaper will start swaying and moaning when unsuspecting visitors walk by.  You could also hang this sound activated bat in your home.  Once it senses someone walking by, its eyes will glow red, it will make howling noises, and move its head.  A helpful tip to remember is where you have these decorations hanging.  You don’t want to startle yourself or anyone else if you are making a light night trip to the kitchen.

There are no mistakes when it comes to decorating for Halloween, so whether you decide to use the old school way of decorating and use scary Halloween decor to decorate your home or you choose to keep things classic and simplistic, you can’t go wrong.  We’d love to see how you’ve decorated your home for Halloween, so please send us your ideas or pictures at

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