International Day of Peace

We all understand the value of living in a peaceful world.  It’s probably safe to assume we would all like that to happen, but if it takes an official day of observance to remind us of the importance of being at peace with one another, then we’re all for it.

So often nurturing peace and harmony begins at home.  We’ve all been there… we start off our day on the right foot, and then get distracted.  Take for instance, you’re in your car sipping your coffee, stuck in traffic (again), and listening to your favorite radio station and you see the driver next to you cut you off.  While you’d normally consider yourself a calm, intelligent and rational person, you find yourself having an out of body experience and become an entirely different person.

Yes, there will be plenty of times when things might not go your way and your patience is sorely being tested.  However, don’t live in a state of agitation.  To find our own inner peace, we can learn to let go of the slights and snubs that we experience in life and focus on how to live in the present without dwelling  on the past.

Some people will find it challenging to move on from a negative experience, while others will find it’s easier.   Just like in school when we heard the teacher say, “practice makes perfect”, we have to practice being peaceful so we can live peacefully.  Marianne Williamson, a New York Time’s best selling author, activist and lecturer, and well known guest of the Oprah Winfrey Show, explains that our way of thinking can determine our actions.

One good suggestion to practice being at peace is to start off by creating a space where you can be in touch with all your five senses:  sight, touch, smell, sound and taste

  • Create a space in your home where you are surrounded by colors that make you happy and find items that are visually appealing to you. A beautiful way to illuminate your home with stylish sophistication is with this Vine and Leaf Wall Lamp; featuring autumn colored metal leaves and an ivory shade. For a soft, candle lit room, try these LED Autum Harvest Blessing LED Candle Set.  
  • Bring in different types of textures into your space, like pillows, rug or blankets to help you relax.   This snowflake fleece wrap will keep you cozy and these beautiful rosette pillow covers will brighten up your space.

The journey towards a more peaceful place in the world starts with each of us, by choosing to live a life of peace and harmony.  While you may think you are just one in many, remember, only one person is needed to make a difference and that’s how great changes begin.



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