Gifts From the Heart

Inspiring Gifts From the Heart ♥

Do you have times when you’re stuck and can’t think of what to buy for your friend, your mom, or an office colleague (hint, hint)?  While being motivated will help you get your gift ordered, it’s another thing to find the right gift if you’re not inspired.   A little bit of inspiration can lead you towards a gift that looks right and feels right.  It’s the type of gift that when you look at it, you say, “that’s the one!”

Popular inspirational gifts tend to focus on a positive quote or sentiment, like the lighted home family blessing fragrance warmer.  The small quotes on this glass base would make a wonderful housewarming gift, and it would also be a great gift for a new family.


If you’re interested in angels, check out our wide assortment of angel gifts, such as the lighted autumn angel figurine.  Decorated in the soft autumn colors of fall with a softly glowing light, this gift is sure to be both comforting and inspirational.


For someone of faith, you may want to consider this elegant heart magnifier necklace.  The Serenity Prayer is attached to the necklace, along with the magnifier, so you’ll be able to say the pray whenever you want, without having to memorize it.


Another angel gift idea is this set of four adorable angel figurines.  These absolutely delightful cherubs can be placed anywhere, such as on a shelf, in the kitchen, or on a mantel.  These cheery figurines are the perfect reminder to smile when you’re feeling blue.


Candles are always popular gifts. Rather than buying wax candles with a short life, why not try the LED inspirational flameless candle set with tray which has an endearing message on each candle.  This four piece candle set can be placed together or it can be separated.  Either way, it will make a beautiful focal point in your room when the LED lights are illuminated.


We hope we have given you some fresh gift ideas that you haven’t thought of before.  For more gift ideas, check out our online selection of gifts.

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