Be”Witching” Halloween Decor

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to decorate the outside your home for Halloween, then take a look at what we have for you!  We have a tantalizing array of decorations to choose from that includes everything from sweet to spooky.  You’re sure to find something here that will satisfy even the most die hard Halloween fan!

Lights are a terrific way to get started with your outdoor decorating.  We suggest you start off with a string of Halloween sparkle lights.  These sparkly lights are in the traditional Halloween colors of green, orange, and purple, with a tinge of silver tinsel inside.  You’ll find these lights are easy to connect, can be used inside or outside, and they’re long enough to wrap around a fence post or hung above a door.

We also have purple and orange Halloween pathway lights that can be used to line your driveway or sidewalk.  They’ll go nicely with the set of Halloween string lights above.  As an added benefit, these pathway lights also come with red and green bulbs that can be used during the Christmas season.

Another idea to create a sparkly entrance to your home, is to make this cute collection of Halloween pumpkins (pictured below).  You’ll want to first, take a trip to your favorite pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins in a variety of sizes and shapes.  The foam pumpkins at your local arts and crafts store also would work.

All it takes is some spray paint and some time to create a stunning entrance to your home.  You can use any kind of color or texture spray paint you want.  To add some decals to the pumpkin, cut out a design and attach to the pumpkin and spray paint over it.  You’ll see the reverse color on the pumpkin which makes a nice contrast.

If you’re interested in adding some “spooky” to your outdoor Halloween décor, we suggest looking at one of the following animated decorations, such as the grim reaper or the bat.  You’ll give your visitors a little jolt when they walk up to your door, as these decorations move and make frightening sounds when your visitors come near.  Check out these videos online to have a look and listen.

If you’d like more “cute” for Halloween, then you will love this pumpkin & kitty hanging door decoration.   We could look at this all day and not get scared!

There are so many wonderful ideas for Halloween decorating, that there are too many to list.  We’d love to hear from you, with your Halloween decorating ideas.  Please check back next week for ideas on indoor Halloween decorating.






Photo credit for spray painting pumpkins:

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