Is Your Personal Information at Risk?


Do you ever worry about your personal credit card information being vulnerable?  It’s unfortunate that we have to be concerned about that. Did you know that thieves know how to steal your credit card information from your wallet without you even knowing?  Luckily though, there are many products available to keep your personal credit card information safe.   We can offer a few ideas that beat walking around with a safety deposit box.

You are not alone if you’re wondering what RFID means.  It stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Credit card issuers store your personal data on a RFID chip, which is embedded into your credit card.  It allows you to wave your card in front of a RFID scanner to pay for your purchase, instead of swiping your card through a credit card reader.

Thieves have figured out how to read the RFID chips in your credit cards, if you leave them unprotected.  Your data can be stolen remotely by using a counterfeit reader or when someone “accidentally” bumps into you.  It only takes a second for your data to be stolen and you would likely not know it until you see signs that someone is making charges to your account or is using your identity.  Fortunately, RFID wallets have been created to protect your personal information from getting in the wrong hands.  There are several kinds of RFID wallets to choose from and we have selected a few of them to view below.

This Lock Wallet – RFID Security Protective Wallet can hold up to 36 cards, plus it has a pocket for cash and coins.  It is suitable for both men and women.


If you are looking for a slim RFID wallet, the Wonder Wallet Card Holder may be what you’re looking for.  Designed to organize up to 24 cards, its flexible design makes it easy to place your wallet in any small space.


If you are the type of person who only carries a couple of cards with you, the RFID Security Protective Credit Card Sleeves might be something you’re interested in.  You can choose four RFID protected sleeves that come in two different patterns:  leather or paisley.

The selection of RFID wallets that we offer will keep your personal information secure.  Give yourself the gift of having peace of mind when in public, so you can enjoy your time out without worrying.

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