Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day was designed to promote these beautiful creatures and dispel any old myths about black cats bringing bad luck.  The black fur color can cause some people to feel nervous, but this is due to old superstitions.  In support of Black Cat Appreciation Day, here are a few reasons why black cats should be adopted.

  • They are beautiful, graceful and intelligent cats, just as any other cat
  • They make great companions
  • Their black fur goes with anything
  • Interestingly, some cultures consider black cats a sign of good luck
  • If they play hide-and-go seek, their black fur helps them blend into the background, hence they’ll win every time.

If you already own a cat, you know how much fun they can have with a toy.  Why not mix up their selection of toys to choose from by getting this Rolling Hide and Seek Pet Toys – Set of 2.  This is what is known as “unlimited cat entertainment.”  For those cats that are more introverted and enjoy resting in solitude, the Sleeping Pet Bungalow is perfect for cat naps.



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