Don’t Let the Summer Heat Burn You Up

Cartoon Corn- Hot Outside

Would it be fair to say, that most of us are never entirely happy with the weather?  Particularly during the summer when the temperatures soar, wouldn’t it be nice if Mother Nature threw in a couple cooler days?  Since we don’t have a direct line to Mother Nature and we can’t make any direct requests, here are a few tips to help you stay cool and beat the heat.

Beautiful Ways to Block the Heat in Your Home

For your house, one effective way to keep your home cool is to keep all the shades or curtains closed.  We have a beautiful Victorian Room Darkening Window Panel that keeps the sun and the heat out and comes in three different colors.  You can also check out the other types of window curtains that are suitable for every décor.

Victorian Curtains

Man’s Best Friend Just Got Even Cooler

To keep you or one of your rooms cool, the Vintage Mesh Pet Fan (available as either a cat or dog) is adorable and will blend in effortlessly with any of your existing room décor.  Use a regular outlet to plug it in and it will circulate the air in your room to cool it off.  It also has a convenient USB cord to connect to your laptop so it can travel wherever your laptop goes.  Check out what one customer from Florida has to say about the Vintage Mesh Pet Fan.

“I love this fan. It is small, so I can put it anywhere. It has an electrical plug and a USB port. I use it in the bathroom after a shower because the exhaust fan is too noisy. I plug it into my computer to help circulate the air when I am warm. The design is adorable.”—Jeri

Cat and Dog Mesh Pet Fan

Enjoy a Cool Night’s Sleep

Another tip we have if you are hot at night and you’re tired of constantly flipping your pillows around, is the Chillow Cooling Pad®-Transform Your Pillow.  The cooling pillow will feel refreshing and cool when you lay your head down to give you a comfortable night’s rest.  You could even use this for camping, too.  While we think this is a great product, here’s a customer review from Benicia, CA, that sums up one of the benefits to having a Chillow Cooling Pad®-Transform Your Pillow:  “You won’t have to flip your pillow to the cool side several times a night! It’s a great product!”

Chillow Pillow

Beat the Heat Anywhere

When you’re ready to start your day after a good night’s rest and you’re going to be outside, the Copper Fit Instant Cooling Towel will keep you cool.  It works by soaking it in water and then squeezing out the excess water.  You’ll feel that instant coolness as soon as you drape it around your neck and it won’t leak water on you.  You’ll find that’s it is a great item to wear for watching a soccer games, gardening or just being out in the hot sun.

Cool Towel

Paradise is as Close as Your Own Backyard

Of course, if you have the opportunity to stay cool near a pool or a beach, then by all means, take advantage of it.  We think if Mother Nature doesn’t like throwing a couple of cool days our way during the summer, then you’re entitled to create your own cool paradise.

Beach Wall Art Palm Trees Hammock

For instance, if you’ve been relaxing and enjoying your backyard paradise, then grab this Freezable Chilled Water Bottle, to keep your beverages nice and cold.

Chilled Water Bottles

Stock up on a couple of these Sailboat Popsicle Molds – Set of 6 to create frozen yogurt, fruit juice or ice cream treats that both the kids and adults will love.

Sailboat Popsicle Molds

One last suggestion: don’t forget to wear something that is comfortable and cool.  This Sleeveless Terry Dress with Pockets (available in blue or purple) will keep you from overheating.  The terry cloth fabric and sleeveless dress is comfy to wear, plus you have the added benefit of two handy pockets.

Sleeveless Terry Dress with Pockets

We’d love to hear your tips for cooling off.  Email us at

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