Kitchen Decor with Summer Flair

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of your home.  It’s the place in your home where friends and family can share a chilled glass of ice tea or a home cooked meal.   The kitchen table may be where the kids do their homework, and where friends share secrets.  It’s the place where food is enjoyed. This very important place in your home should reflect your tastes and personality.

It doesn’t take much to make some changes to your kitchen, so why not add a few pieces that will add a dash of summer flair to your kitchen?

This strawberry Fitted Elastic Table Cover is cheery and versatile.  You can use it in your kitchen and it will do double duty to cover round tables for an outdoor cookout or barbecue.    You’ll also find that it easily hugs the shape of your table.  Cleaning up is a snap and with the vinyl tablecloth, it couldn’t be easier to wipe off the crumbs.  It’s so easy to do, that even the kids, who notoriously avoid cleaning like the plague, shouldn’t have a problem giving you a hand.  Selections in round, oval and rectangle; with a wide variety of patterns to choose from – make it easy to reflect your personal style.

Another item that brings summer into your kitchen is this Strawberry Kitchen Accent Rug.  Its vibrant red color is accented with subtle green stems that will make you smile when you wake up and walk into the kitchen for a freshly roasted cup of hot coffee.  Your feet will also thank you for keeping them off a cold floor.  If you’re searching for summer flair in the kitchen, we have a couple more ideas.


If you have ever struggled with having a dark kitchen, then you’ll want to try lace curtains to let the sunshine in.  We especially love the Fruit Lace Kitchen Curtain Set.  It’s an easy way to bring some brightness into your kitchen.  The delicate, semi sheer curtain set has colorful apples, pears and strawberries that can provide an updated summer look for your kitchen, or you could also use it to match your existing décor.  While this set is too new for customer ratings, customers have given 5 star ratings to similar lace curtains in our collection.  Which one suits your style?

We also think this Embroidered Strawberry Lace Table Linens would be a nice match for the Fruit Lace Kitchen Curtain Set.  The round tablecloth underneath the Embroidered Strawberry Lace Table Linens is the Basic 70 inch Round Tablecloth.  Choose red to compliment the Embroidered Strawberry Lace Table Linens or choose from over nine other colors to match your mood and décor.  Again, we have many choices for table toppers to reflect your individual personality.


We can think of a million reasons to enjoy summer, as it’s a time that is happily used for vacations, relaxing or trying out new recipes from fruits and veggies from your garden.

Create some of your own summer memories and start in the heart of your home…Your Kitchen.

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