Pets – Our Furry Friends

Pets Hero

If thinking about your crazy and quirky pet makes you smile, you’re not alone. Ask any friend, neighbor or colleague if they have a pet and chances are they’ll say yes.  In fact, 62% of U.S. households have a pet, with 37-47% having dogs and 30-37% having cats (source: American Pet Products Association). While pets can cost time and money, most pet owners would be quick to agree that having a pet is well worth the expense.

Pets can help boost your mood, give you a sense of purpose, help you relax and not to mention, if you have a dog, help you stay more active. With their unwavering loyalty and unconditional love, pets can quickly become members of the family and are not just considered “pets” by their human families. They can be seen in family portraits and some even have their own social media following.

Pet owners enjoy sharing cute pictures and stories about their pets; much like parents do with their kids. We asked some of our team members if they would like to share pictures of their pets with you – our valued customers – and they have graciously allowed us to do so. So here, meet our furry friends.

Mochi is one of those dogs you want to snuggle with as soon as you see her.  She’s half Yorkie and half Bishon Frise.  This little cutie has a silly personality and likes playing dress up.  Mochi isn’t all about her good looks, though.  Our creative marketing coordinator, Margaret says Mochi loves learning tricks and is being trained on how to ride on a skateboard.  Check out this video of Mochi in training.

Meet Oreo, an awesome pit bull who belongs to Darlyn, our office extraordinaire.  Oreo is playful, loves squeaky toys and really long walks.  He really is just a big homebody who loves staying home and being the center of attention which is not a problem for his loving family.

Oreo_blanket in cage           Oreo4

The adorable sleeping dog below is Kilik. Known as a Chug, a cross breed between a Chihuahua and a Pug, he has been known for devouring dinner without taking a breath!  As you can see, at six years old he is still quite snuggly.  Our dedicated customer care team lead, Cassaundra insists that he can snore as loud as a person, but it’s hard to believe that this cutie could make so much noise.

Kilik On Counter             Kilik Pillow

If you just went “aww” as you looked at this picture below, you are not the only one. This dog is the charming and sweet Roo.  She was rescued by Erica, one of our talented business analysts, in 2013. Having moved up from Dallas, Erica wasn’t sure if Roo would adapt to the different climate but she quickly found out that Roo LOVES to play in the snow (we’re not so sure if Erica likes the snow, though).  Another one of Roo’s favorite pastimes is to howl along with the ambulance sirens.  Erica described this as one of her “favorite quirks” about Roo, although it’s hard to imagine sirens and howling being pleasant.  Oh well, maybe it’s one of those things that are only adorable to a pet parent.

roo2             Roo

If you have enjoyed this article, and you are the proud owner of a pet, please consider sending us your pet’s picture and a little description of why you love your pet.

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