Summer Break is Here!


Summer break has started and with the start of summer break comes the dreaded “there is nothing to do; I am bored.” Most parents struggle with finding activities that are not only stimulating mentally and physically, but will keep the kids busy for a considerable amount of time. Coming up and creating a list of activities you’d like to do with your kids this summer is a great way to start your summer break and to save you time and frustration. With summer officially starting on June 21, you still have plenty of time to organize a list of potential activities. To help figure out ways to keep the kids busy this summer, we have come up with some ideas for you. Check them out below.

Here’s a fantastic summer activity that is FUN for the whole family – ride a bike. Who doesn’t remember those warm, summer days riding around with friends? This was definitely a pre-smartphone activity that gave you a true sense of independence and freedom. To add some fun to your bike rides, try adding the LED Color Changing Bicycle Valve Lights to your bikes. The LED lights will also illuminate the bikes, so they can easily be seen by cars.

Now, summer would not be summer without the mention of pool and water. Thankfully, it’s easy to find things to do that include those two words. This fun Swimming Scuba Diver Water Toy will be a huge hit with your kids and will entertain them for hours. And let’s not forget the adults – we bet that all of you will enjoy floating around in this delightful Inflatable Giant Donut Pool Float.

An idea for those rainy days when the kids can’t go out is to have something creative and fun to do. The Temporary Tattoo Writer with Stencils Kit is a great way for the kids to occupy themselves. There are plenty of stencils to choose from, but be creative and design your own! If you are feeling really artistic, try these Colorful Art Scissors with Storage Rack to design flowers, unique paper garlands, or even a reading chain. Here’s an easy way to create a reading chain.

  • Cut 20 strips of paper and put them aside.
  • Create a heading on a separate piece of paper that says “Summer Reading Chain”.
  • For each book read during the summer, add a chain.
  • You could use different color paper to categorize the books that are read. For instance, red paper is for birds, blue is for dinosaurs, etc.




We are always looking for new ideas from our readers. If you have any games, tips or activities that you’d like to suggest, please respond in the comments section below;  we would love to compile the top 10 ideas and feature them in an upcoming article.

3 thoughts on “Summer Break is Here!

  1. Love the idea of making a list of Summer activities for you and the kids to enjoy and sticking to it – gives the kids all these things to look forward to. Never heard of a reading chain before but I think it’s a fantastic idea!


  2. Get the kids out into the garden! If you have a yard of your own, have them grow some vegetables and prepare a dish for the family with what they have grown at the end of the season. Getting out to a community garden to stake out a plot would also be great fun. Connecting kids more closely to the food the eat is healthy, fun and can produce delicious results.


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