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5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Fairy Garden


Creating your own enchanting fairy garden is quite easy and as you’ll quickly find out that its a lot of fun to tap into your creativity and use your imagination.  Over the last few years fairy gardens have seen an increase in popularity. The ease in which they can be created, the variety of design options available and the ability to place them literally anywhere add to the fun and mystique of fairy gardening. Continue reading 5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Fairy Garden

How To Have A Memorable 4th of July Party

4th of July is around the corner which means warm days, outdoor activities, and getting together with your friends and family. While just hanging out with your loved ones on a holiday can be a lot of fun, we have some cool ideas and fun tips to spruce up any patriotic themed party and to make sure your Independence Day is unforgettable! A few decorations, food, and some patriotic themed recipes is all you need for bringing friends together to enjoy this great holiday! Continue reading How To Have A Memorable 4th of July Party

Flag Day – Salute the American Flag

What is Flag Day? It is the day to commemorate the adoption of Stars & Stripes as the official flag of the United States of America. Most of us celebrate this day by displaying the US Flag in front of our homes but do we know our flag’s history? Legend has it that in 1776 President George Washington commissioned Betsy Ross, a seamstress to create a flag in anticipation of declaration of independence. Continue reading Flag Day – Salute the American Flag

Summer Break is Here!


Summer break has started and with the start of summer break comes the dreaded “there is nothing to do; I am bored.” Most parents struggle with finding activities that are not only stimulating mentally and physically, but will keep the kids busy for a considerable amount of time. Coming up and creating a list of activities you’d like to do with your kids this summer is a great way to start your summer break and to save you time and frustration. Continue reading Summer Break is Here!

Graduation – Celebrating the Academic Accomplishment

It’s graduation time! It’s the time when students leave their school life behind and move towards their future endeavors. It’s also a time to applaud their academic achievements. It is not an easy thing to leave the familiar surroundings and set out towards new horizons. It is at this time that you want to cherish your son’s or daughter’s accomplishments, as well as to offer your support as they embark upon a new journey. Continue reading Graduation – Celebrating the Academic Accomplishment