5 Quick and Easy Storage Solutions

Toys all over the living room; books on the dining table; makeup on bathroom counter; and rows of shoes at your front door – does that sound familiar? It happens to the best of us from time to time, not because we like clutter but because storage is a challenge. Whether it is kids’ toys, linens, makeup, shoes, books and magazines, or kitchen and yard tools, storage is a big issue with most of us, and we are always looking for convenient, yet stylish storage solutions that would clear the clutter but not our wallets.

After years of trying out various storage solutions, we have found some that are not only convenient and affordable, but are attractive and affordable too. While there are a lot of storage ideas that we like and use, we would like to share our top five favorite solutions with you.

Storage Bins and Bags
Storage bins and bags are the most common solution and are found in every home décor and remodeling store. Not only are the storage bins convenient to use, they are affordable and come in a wide variety of materials, patterns, colors, and sizes. Storage bins can be used to neatly organize kids’ toys, board games, linens, clothes, and miscellaneous small items. These handy bins can be stacked on top of each other or placed side-by-side depending on the kind of space you have available, and offer an ideal solution for closet storage. You can also find hanging organizers for pants. You can hang one organizer in your bathroom for toiletries and one in your shoe closet. Not only will that help keep your house clutter free but will make it easier to access whatever you need. Find the color coordinated ones or go for a more modern look by mixing patterns and creating a style that is totally unique.

Shoe Organizers
Ideal for shoes, these convenient racks and hanging organizers help store your shoes neatly so your hallways can be clean and orderly. Most of the hanging organizers are made of vinyl and contain a number of pockets for storing pairs of shoes. These shoe organizers can be hung in your closet, or placed in a hallway, for easy storage and quick access.

Bathroom Storage
Makeup and toiletries take up a lot of space on bathroom counters creating clutter and making it hard to find what you need. Makeup drawers, cosmetic bags, shelves, and toilet paper holders are fast and convenient solutions to not only organizing your makeup and toiletries but also make them easily accessible. Reduce clutter on bathroom cabinets with these convenient bathroom storage solutions so you can find what you need every time, all the time.

Storage Tables
We all know the feeling of books and magazines scattered on the coffee table and making the living room look messy. Eliminate the messy coffee table with these convenient storage solutions that are not only practical but also add a decorative touch to your living room. The storage tables come in a variety of materials and styles to match your living room décor and are usually pretty affordable. Our favorite two are this Rolling Magazine Table since it can be easily taken from one room to another, and this Side Floor Table that not only organizes your magazines but also keeps your favorite beverage and remote controls handy while you read and relax.

Outdoor Storage
Outdoor items like garden tools, patio furniture, and grills need to be properly stored and covered not only to protect them from the effects of harsh weather but also to keep your yard organized and clutter free. Outdoor storage solutions like Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers will protect your patio furniture from elements like rain, sun, dirt and dust; and a Zippered Storage Bag will keep your outdoor cushions all winter long.

Now that you know our favorite five storage solutions, it is time you tell us about yours. Don’t have any favorites yet? Come visit us at Collections Etc. and find storage solutions that will make your life easier and your home clutter free.

What to Buy?
We know how overwhelming it could be to make a decision when there are so many options out there. We are all about making things easier for you so here are a few items for you to consider; these unique and stylish items will not only protect your belongings but will save you money as well. You’re sure to be an expert in space conservation with these storage options. Enjoy!


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