Outdoor Lighting 101- Enjoy The Outdoors from Day to Night

Whether you want to create a tranquil retreat, or a place for entertaining, we can help shed a little light on how easy it is to transform your outdoor space. Collections Etc. outdoor lighting collection includes everything from solar flag lights, string lights to pool lights, to whacky and whimsical lights. So let us help you enhance your outdoor space in 5 easy steps.

String Lights

One of the most common ways to add some whimsy and sparkle to outdoor events with lights is outdoor string lights. Whether indoor or outdoors, they instantly make a space more cheerful and festive. Tip: Add a string of lights in a tree or under an umbrella for the perfect amount of ambiance.            

Solar Lights

Solar outdoor lighting is growing in strides. Rather than fooling around with wire and electricity, we love the idea of solar outdoor lighting. It provides beautiful soft ambiance and illuminations to your home and is highly-energy efficient. Tip: Add your solar lights in your garden so that the light continues to show off your hard work under the moonlight.  

Pathway Lights

Pathway lighting or garden stakes is an ideal solution for lighting up walkways, entrances and driveways. It creates an incredibly aesthetically pleasing look. Lights are either illuminated or projected from about the height of your ankle to knee height to light the walking path. Tip: Use our solar garden stakes for a whimsical approach.

Security Lights

Effective outdoor security lighting can help you monitor and protect the perimeter of your home allowing you to enjoy the outdoors past sunset. When you come home late at night, outdoor security lighting provides a safe walkway and can make you feel more comfortable while enjoying a late-night barbeque with your friends. Tip: Mount our solar motion sensor alarm with remote control  in the ground or hang it on a wall for ease.


Be Creative

Last but not least, have fun with your outdoor space. Picture it as another room to your home and design it to reflect you’re own personality. All of our outdoor lighting is function-able, festive and fun. So it’s easy to add a bit of whimsy to your outdoor space to strike up conversations and be the one home in the neighborhood everyone wants to hang-out. Make it fun to entertain and highlight points of interest.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Lighting 101- Enjoy The Outdoors from Day to Night

  1. I have love this collections catalog for year. Lost it when I moved, just through I would look it up on the computer and found you again. Please send me a the catalog each month. I have decorated my own house with this catalog. thank you so much. Marsha Smith


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